PAX East 2022’s COVID outbreak has already resulted in one death

Last week, we covered the story about an apparent COVID outbreak at PAX East, which followed an outbreak at GDC; no less than the...
Do you... want to hang out, man?

Pantheon mourns the loss of technology lead Kurt ‘Molad’ Habetler

A dark cloud has once again settled over Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Yesterday, Visionary Realms announced that it recently lost one of its...

Researchers argue Pokemon Go caused a discernable increase in car accidents, injuries, and deaths

What is the deadliest video game in existence? If a scientific whitepaper is to be believed, at least in the case of Tippecanoe County,...
Pay to lose.

Perfect Ten: The big book of MMO death mechanic rationales

In the ancient Before Times (so, you know, two years ago), I wrote a column all about the different mechanics that hit you when...

Star Trek Online fans mourn Deep Space Nine actor René ‘Odo’ Auberjonois

Another one of Star Trek's greats has fallen, as news broke out yesterday that Deep Space Nine actor René Auberjonois passed away from lung...

EVE Evolved: Is the EVE Online community a force for good in the world?

When we write or talk about MMO communities, we often focus on the practicalities of guilds or in-game events, the drama of forums, and...
No, saying that you don't care is not actually an answer.

The Daily Grind: What was the worst MMORPG for corpse runs?

Pretty much every MMORPG has some sort of corpse run - that is, when you die, you have to run some sort of gauntlet...

Sea of Thieves abandons its planned death tax, focuses on griefing

Don't worry, death-prone pirates: You won't have to pay the piper more than once when you go down to Davy Jones' locker. Some players raised...

Here’s how Netmarble’s fighting crunch after multiple developer deaths

Last year, Netmarble came under fire from South Korean authorities following the death of a game developer under its banner. Korea Workers' Compensation and...

Saga of Lucimia discusses running after your corpse when you die in a pit

Show of hands, readers: How many of you have had great fun dealing with corpse runs, trying to retrieve your gear from the spot...

Crunch mode caused a young Netmarble game developer’s death, Korean government says

South Korean MMO studio Netmarble is being criticized this week for contributing to the death of an overworked game developer in 2016. The Korea Times...

The Soapbox: Your favorite MMO is going to die

Your favorite MMO is going to die. Don't take it personally, though; every other MMO is going to shut down, too. That includes my...
Die, die, die!

Crowfall details the mechanics of death, resurrection, and swapping characters

You will die while playing Crowfall. That's pretty much inevitable. But you will also never die in Crowfall, because you are not your character;...
She is now one with the Force.

Star Wars: The Old Republic players pay tribute to Carrie Fisher

The loss of Carrie Fisher, a celebrated author and the actress who played General Leia Organa, is an enormous blow to Star Wars fans...
No, be a dude.

Brazilian teenager accidentally dies following League of Legends loss

We have had far too many public service announcements on Massively Overpowered in recent months about things not to do around games. For example,...

Ingress player’s death spotlights ARG risks

Ingress, the alternate reality game where players travel to real-world locations to "capture" virtual portals, carries with it an inherent risk of danger as...

Heretics storm into Albion Online

Albion Online is beefing up its PvE game with this month's Cador update. If you've been following this title for any length of time,...

Chronicles of Elyria hitches its death mechanics to its business model

Indie sandbox Chronicles of Elyria captured MMORPG players' attention last autumn when it began revealing details about some of its more unusual mechanics, including...

Final Fantasy XIV players hold a vigil for Sian Blake in Limsa Lominsa

Players are holding a vigil following the death of Final Fantasy XIV voice actress Sian Blake (the voice of Yugiri). The vigil is being...

Chronicles of Elyria features aging, death, and destructible environments

Chronicles of Elyria is a thing, and a thing that features character aging, character death, and a fully destructible environment, at that. The game's website...