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Here we go now.

Gamigo plans Defiance 2050 anniversary event with goodies for Classic Defiance too

When Gamigo sunsetted Atlas Reactor without any hoopla last week, a lot of folks in our comments and beyond wondered which former Trion Worlds...

Not So Massively: Mourning the wasted potential of Trion’s Defiance

One of my biggest gaming pet peeves is people declaring games "dead" before their time. If you can play it, it's not dead. This...
Defying logic...

Defiance 2050 celebrates Armistice Day once again

Ah, Armistice Day, the special date in the lore of Defiance 2050 when humans and aliens stopped shooting at one another. To celebrate this, the...

Gamigo is apparently going to throw a party in Cologne

"Are you planning a vacation in Europe any time soon? If not, you definitely should," exclaims Rift's official Twitter account as it's being used...
Love is in the bear.

Yet more MMO Valentine’s Day events: AdventureQuest 3D, Defiance 2050, Skyforge, and Chronicles of Elyria

Love is in the air everywhere you look around. And what better way to celebrate love than through an event in a game centered...

Check out Valentine’s Day for Defiance 2050 and DCUO, Lunar New Year for World of Warships and MapleStory 2

Between Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year, MMO events are piling up around us, and we're not even mad about it. First up, Defiance...

The best Massively OP streams of 2018

Massively OP's long-running Stream Team, unquestionably captained by MJ and her sidekicks Larry and Andrew, got a welcome surprise this year: Our newest writer, Chris...

Gamigo plans holiday events for ArcheAge, RIFT, Trove, and Atlas Reactor too

Yesterday, Gamigo posted up just what Defiance and Defiance 2050 are doing for Christmas, but as its press release today suggests, Gamigo is in...
It's a bribe, Charlie Brown.

Defiance 2050 and Defiance brings the Solstice Strike on December 17

Even in the ruined world of Defiance 2050, people are still gathering around to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. What would that be? Guns...

Defiance 2050 updates playerbase following Trion buyout, looks forward to the future

We haven't heard specifically from the Defiance 2050 team since last month when Trion was acquired by Gamigo and the majority of its employees laid...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMORPG should have never been made?

This could be a gruesome topic, but it popped into my head after GIbiz published an article with advice for game developers from Melbourne Games....

ArcheAge consumer lawsuit hits snag: Trion Worlds’ corporate dissolution

Remember that player lawsuit lodged against Trion Worlds back in 2015? The one where ArcheAge players Aaron Van Fleet, Paul Ovberg, and James Longfield...
If this went away, I would be pissed.

The Daily Grind: Which of Trion’s MMOs are you most worried about in the wake of its buyout?

The whole Trion buyout feels like it came completely out of left field, and we've spent the past couple of days just staring and...

MassivelyOP’s guide to MMO Halloween 2018

Whether or not you consider yourself too old to put on that Hulk or Sparkle Twilight costume and prance ("HULK PRANCE") around the neighborhood...

Trion Worlds has been sold to Gamigo, and yes, there have been more layoffs

File this one under "huge things that rudely happened while we were all in the middle of recording the podcast": Trion Worlds has apparently...
Smoke on the water

Halloween blows through RIFT, Trove, ArcheAge, Atlas Reactor, and Defiance 2050

Something sinister is brewing over at Trion Worlds, and soon the whole world will pay the price as Scott Hartsman's corgi transforms into its...
Stop, also collaborate and... oh, you know.

Defiance 2050 launches its Trouble In Paradise update along with the Crusader Pack

It's officially time in Defiance 2050 to start smacking things with what is really a very large hammer. The latest update for the game...

Defiance 2050’s Trouble in Paradise update delayed until further notice on Xbox One

The folks at Trion Worlds have announced a few small changes to the release schedule of Defiance 2050's upcoming Trouble in Paradise update, and...

Trion Worlds announces week-long Double Up Days sale

The folks at Trion Worlds have just announced their first-ever Double Up Days event. During the week-long event, which runs from today until Wednesday,...
You can apparently touch this.

Defiance 2050 launches new Crusader class with its next update on October 15th

The next major update for Defiance 2050 is dubbed Trouble in Paradise, and among its additions is a new class for whom it is...