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E3 2018: Defiance 2050 reboot launches on PC and console July 10th

We've got an official launch date for the new Defiance, folks: Trion announced this morning that Defiance 2050 will hit all three major platforms...

Defiance 2050 gives you a quick overview of its four base classes

Assuming that you're both a freeloader and will be poking your head into Defiance 2050 this summer, you'll have exactly four options for classes...
Daunt, daunt, daunt.

Betawatch: Dauntless strides into open beta (May 25, 2018)

It's certainly a daunting task to launch a game into its open beta, but the developers of Dauntless are undaunted as the title does...

Defiance 2050 beefs up its valor program with better rewards

Looking to get a head start in your adventures through Defiance 2050? While the reboot of Trion Worlds' sci-fi shooter isn't yet here, you...
Burn it all.

Defiance’s got 99 problems, but you ain’t one

With the conclusion of Defiance 2050's closed beta last week, players might be at a loss for something to keep them occupied for the...
Drift-slidin' away.

Betawatch: Worlds Adrift launches early access for airships and actual airships (May 18, 2018)

There are only a handful of games you can celebrate launching by releasing an actual airship into the sky, but Worlds Adrift is one...
It's a bribe, Charlie Brown.

Defiance 2050 records over 3 million dead hellbugs from its closed beta

If you were taking part in the closed beta for Defiance 2050, you were probably killing Hellbugs. Just from a statistical standpoint. There are...

Global Chat: MMOs need to do ‘difficulty’ right

A thinkpiece that we had back in April about the difficulty levels (or lack thereof) in MMORPGs sparked some interesting discussion among gaming bloggers...

Defiance 2050 wraps up its second beta test and promotes its classes

With a multi-platform launch coming sometime this summer, Defiance 2050 has a lot resting on its new free-to-play format and additional refinements. To help...

Here’s how Defiance 2050’s class unlocks work as the closed beta resumes today

As previously announced, Trion is running another Defiance 2050 beta event this weekend, this time including console players along with PC players. Worth noting is...

Defiance brings the Event Horizon for extra gains and future Valor

With all the talk of Defiance 2050, let's not forget that Defiance is still live. More than that, it's encouraging players to come take...

Defiance 2050 plans second closed beta weekend – for all platforms this time

Did you miss last weekend's Defiance 2050 closed beta? Good news for you; Trion is doing another one - this very weekend, in fact....

The Stream Team: A sneak peek at Defiance 2050’s closed beta

Whether or not you were a fan of Defiance, you might be interested in seeing what Defiance 2050 is about. Massively OP's MJ gets...
You're the real thing.

Betawatch: Defiance 2050’s closed beta, ESO’s Summerset on the PTS (April 20, 2018)

Beta testing for Elder Scrolls Online's Summerset expansion - as well as the free update 18 that'll launch alongside it - began this week...

Defiance 2050 blasts its way into closed beta this weekend

Defiance 2050's closed beta - for PC, anyway, since the console version's beta testing has been delayed - is set to launch here not...

Defiance 2050 delays its console closed beta event, but the PC event will go on as planned

A couple of weeks ago, Trion announced that it was prepping a big closed beta test for Defiance 2050 across all platforms - this...

GDC 2018: Hands-on with Trion’s ‘reimagined’ Defiance 2050

Before my GDC interview with Producer Matt “Destromathe” Pettit last week, I was really frustrated with the news about Defiance 2050. I wasn't a huge fan...
Blessed not be.

Betawatch: A Bless Online-ed event (March 23, 2018)

After all of the false starts, delays, and dearths of information, we finally know the truth this week. Bless Online is coming to early...

Trion plans Defiance 2050 closed beta for April – here’s how to sign up

Defiance players itching to give the game's reinvention as Defiance 2050 a spin are going to get that chance in April. "We’re thrilled to announce...
Name-brand valor at discount prices.

Defiance outlines the Valor system for moving into Defiance 2050

If you're playing Defiance right now, you probably want to know that you still get something out of it. Sure, you might be having...