Official Site: Defiance
Studio: Trion Worlds
Launch Date: April 2, 2013
Genre: Sci-Fi third-person shooter
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

RIFT tests new world bosses as Defiance asks players to hunt mutants

They're not dead; they'd like to take a walk! Gamigo's ever-shambling MMOs RIFT and Defiance are doing some new things to keep however many...
Cool guys don't look at explosions.

Defiance and Defiance 2050 are both kicking off Armistice Day festivities

You have to give both Defiance 2050 and the original Defiance credit, since they both are living up to their names. Somehow the titles are...

Valentine’s Day 2020 across the MMO universe

Per tradition, we've been covering the launch of Valentine's Day events in MMOs and MMORPGs over the last couple of weeks, but tomorrow is...

Guild Wars 2 just put an end to cheese mechanics in the Drakkar encounter

It's patch day for Guild Wars 2, and that usually means one of two things: a tiny one-line bug tweak, or a major release....

Grab a Defiance 2050 Urban Commando outfit from MOP and Gamigo

It's been a hot minute since we last talked about Defiance 2050, the MMO Trion Worlds spun off from the original Defiance back in...

Gamigo is surveying ArcheAge, Trove, and RIFT players about monetization

Psst. Hey. Do you have opinions? Strong opinions? Strong opinions about Gamigo's games? Of course you do. Gamigo would like to hear them. I...
Hold your breath and count to ten, fall apart, start again.

Leaderboard: Are you onboard with the online gaming industry’s new take on sequels?

Overwatch 2 and Path of Exile 2 being announced in such close proximity, plus rumors of an Anthem reboot in the weeks and the...

Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2020

With 2019 drawing to a close and a new decade of MMORPGs waiting for us just a few days away, the Massively OP writing...

Defiance 2050 launches the Solstice Strike and Trove kicks off Snowfest 2019

Don't you dare think that Gamigo's stable of MMOs were going to be left out of the ongoing seasonal shenanigans, nuh-uh. Both Defiance 2050...

Ask Mo: The hits and misses of MassivelyOP’s 2019 predictions

The day has come: the day when we look back at last year's predictions for this year and see how we did. Yep, this...

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO will be ‘different at a glance’ from LOTRO

Even as Lord of the Rings Online prepares to unleash Minas Morgul next week, Amazon Game Studios is working in the background to fashion...

The MOP Up: Dauntless’ Strike Force is all up in your face

Giant monster hunting isn't just a sacred duty of those sworn to protect that one blacksmith and his family, it's also a competition between...

Dauntless brings neon hair, updated patrol chests, and new weapon specials in the latest update

At the surface, it seemed like the latest update to Dauntless was only bringing some new skins to chase in the most recent Hunt...

Gamigo drops more ArcheAge teases on labor points, monetization, and housing

Yesterday, Gamigo put up a teaser website under the old Trion domain promising a big Gamescom reveal. Accompanied by an ArcheAge account tweet hinting...

Gamigo is up to something next week – is it related to ArcheAge?

Gamigo's dropping something new next week, according to a tweet the company just sent out. MMO players will recall that Gamigo's the German company...

Perfect Ten: MMOs of the apocalypse

It's the end of the world as we know it -- and for some reason, we are still gaming. I guess that your investment...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Why Guild Wars 2 is the ideal starter MMO

When I met my wife, she was a console gamer, but she had never played an MMO. She was interested in giving some of...

That new Lord of the Rings MMORPG is still happening, now with Amazon’s New World team on board

Hey remember last September when Athlon Games - owned by Leyou Technologies, which also owns Warframe studio Digital Extremes - announced that it was...
Here we go now.

Gamigo plans Defiance 2050 anniversary event with goodies for Classic Defiance too

When Gamigo sunsetted Atlas Reactor without any hoopla last week, a lot of folks in our comments and beyond wondered which former Trion Worlds...

Not So Massively: Mourning the wasted potential of Trion’s Defiance

One of my biggest gaming pet peeves is people declaring games "dead" before their time. If you can play it, it's not dead. This...