desert of flames

EverQuest II opens its new Varsoon progression server

If the slate of advertisements on this very site wasn't a clue already, know that a new progression server for EverQuest II known as...

EverQuest II’s newest progression server, Varsoon, opens its doors May 24

Last month, Daybreak revealed that EverQuest II was destined to launch a new time-locked expansion server in May. It hit beta last week, and...

EverQuest II’s GU 114, Showdown at Diaku Corral, mixes westerns with fantasy next week

Daybreak's Darkpaw Games has some fun planned for EverQuest II players during quarantine: It's releasing GU 114 Showdown at Diaku Corral next week, complete...

EverQuesting: The history of the EverQuest franchise

Back in 2013, I took a walk through the annals of the EverQuest franchise's history. What started as one title not only blossomed into...

Perfect Ten: The best expansions for specific MMOs

Looking over the past two decades or so, MMORPGs have grown by leaps and bounds with regular releases, events, and (of course) expansion packs....

EverQuesting: Ranking our favorite EverQuest II expansions

I was recently asked which EverQuest II expansion was the best. The best! I didn't know how to answer that really: I am not...

EverQuest II’s newest progression server enters the Desert of Flames while production servers prepare for the Planes of Prophecy expansion

After a summer of dwelling in beginner region bliss, EverQuest II's newest progression server is taking a step forward into expansions for the first...
Cross the bridge, because it is a metaphor.

EverQuest II progression servers unlock Desert of Flames today

The next step for EverQuest II's time-locked progression servers (Stormhold and Deathtoll) arrives today with the game's first expansion. A short downtime for the...

EverQuest II: Expansion for progression servers, merges and free transfers for production servers

The results are in! During the big expansion reveal livestream yesterday, EverQuest II’s Executive Producer Holly Longdale announced the outcome of the most recent...
Aren't I important?

EverQuest II’s TLE Desert of Flames vote starts tomorrow

EverQuest II producer Holly Longdale has posted an update on the TLE/progression server unlocks on the game's official forums. The Stormhold and Deathtoll servers...