dev diary

Pathfinder adds mules, cautions against attacking them

Goblinworks has added mules to Pathfinder Online, according to a new dev blog by designer Lee Hammock. Mules are intended to make long-range travel...

Star Trek Online details its upcoming fleet armadas

The latest Star Trek Online dev blog talks up the sci-fi MMO's forthcoming fleet armada system. Lead programmer Daniel Razza says that the improvements...

CCP taps Zendesk for EVE customer support

CCP's latest dev blog address changes to EVE Online's customer support. More specifically, New Eden has a new customer support help center courtesy of...

City of Titans demos its costume-making process

Every superhero worth her or his salt knows that it's the costume that makes the hero. Well, that and a heapload of mutant powers,...

Guild Wars 2 reveals Stronghold PvP Mist Champions, admits SAB is on hold

ArenaNet has just announced Mist Champions for Guild Wars 2's incoming Heart of Thorns Stronghold PvP mode. In a new dev blog released today,...

Trove’s got more travel options than you can shake a stick at

You might not have realized it, but over time Trove has been steadily adding in more and more travel options to the point that...
Oh, wait, this is a different LA.

Flameseeker Chronicles: Exploring Guild Wars 2’s new Lion’s Arch

Good morn-noon-ning (hell, I don't know what timezone you're in!) readers, and welcome along to another instalment of Flameseeker Chronicles! Be warned: This edition will...

Crowfall explains why combat physics are ‘hella complicated’

The Crowfall community has a heapload of questions about the upcoming PvP title's combat systems, and the devs apparently have (some of) the answers. A...

Trove discusses player housing, Steam release

Trion released a dev blog introducing sandvox Trove's cornerstone system to new players last night. Cornerstones are houses akin to a personal home base, a plot that...

Fleet veteran heavy destroyers coming to Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online lead systems designer Phil Zeleski has penned a new dev blog concerning fleet veteran heavy destroyers. These tier six vessels will...

Crowfall devs answer questions about stamina, DoTs, and more

Crowfall has published another installment of its combat chat video dev blog. Featured are designers Thomas Blair and Tully Ackland, who spend nearly six minutes...

Guild Wars 2 takes you behind the scenes of New Lion’s Arch

Now that you've had a day or two to properly ooh and ahh over the reconstructed New Lion's Arch in Guild Wars 2 like...

Skyforge implores you to win back the Eskenian Peninsula

Even as Skyforge winds down its final closed beta test, Allods Team still has more of the game to show off to fans. Today's dev...

The Daily Grind: Do you read MMO dev blogs?

I read a lot of dev blogs. It kind of goes with the territory, since part of this job entails picking through studio press...
Nope, not illustrating this. Have a spaceship.

CCP is tweaking EVE’s fleet functionality

EVE Online's latest dev blog talks about upcoming fleet changes, though it also says that due to player feedback, said changes have been pushed...
What am I today.

Firefall is adding auxiliary weapon slots, equipment slots, and more

Firefall's latest dev blog discusses upcoming changes to the game's itemization and player equipment slots. Red 5's overarching goal is to enhance the effect...

World of Warplanes is bringing back lethal crits

Wargaming's latest World of Warplanes dev blog announces the return of lethal critical damage situations. Breaking a wing or a tail off of an...

Guild Wars 2 unloads a dump truck of expansion dev blogs

Beep... beep... beep. That's the sound of a gargantuan Guild Wars 2 info truck that's preparing to unload its sizable cargo into your cortex....

EVE dev blogs address overview bracket changes, Drifter lore

CCP has released a pair of new EVE Online dev blogs, the first of which focuses on the lore behind the game's mysterious Drifter...

Crowfall won’t make use of ‘phake’ physics

Crowfall's latest dev blog talks combat physics, and in particular ArtCraft's goal "to use realistic physics in as many gameplay aspects as possible." The...