dev diary

The latest Neverwinter dev blog talks a tiny bit about strongholds

Cryptic has published a new dev blog that touches on Neverwinter's upcoming strongholds feature. It's designed to provide content for guilds, and much of the...

E3 2015: Elite is now previewable on Xbox One, Close Quarter Combat coming soon

Frontier CEO David Braben has announced that Elite: Dangerous will be one of the first "early access" games available via the Xbox One's Game...

Guild Wars 2 is changing how conditions and player wallets work

Guild Wars 2's next content update already is shaping up to be a groundbreaking one for the fantasy title, bringing a new look to...

EVE is getting a bunch of new ship skins this summer

CCP's dev blogs are usually pretty wordy. It makes sense, given EVE Online's complexity, but occasionally it's nice to see some pretty pictures from...

Skyforge’s Pantheon Wars are super-competitive PvP and PvE events

When you're a minor god in Skyforge's world, you need to aim for big goals. One of the biggest that you and your friends...
Land of Britain

Land of Britain devs explain levels, discuss balance, and use the word concatenated in a sentence

If you're curious about the mechanics behind the Unreal-powered fantasy MMO Land of Britain, look no further than the game's latest website post that covers...
Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior’s director talks auto attack, mouse controls, and more

Tree of Savior project director Kim Seyong has published a Q&A about the game's second closed beta testing phase. He covers a fair bit...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Expanding into Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns

When Guild Wars 2's expansion was announced, most of the questions on our lips were permutations of "What's the new level cap?" and "What...
World of Warplanes

Wargaming releases guide to World of Warplanes’ war cache

Wargaming has published a dev blog on World of Warplanes' new war caches, which are basically an opportunity for players to finish challenging missions...

Das Tal devs talk about inspiration, weapons, armor, and meaningful conflict

Das Tal is forging ahead with its Kickstarter campaign, netting over $19,000 out of its $55,794 goal with 21 days left. The team is...

Guild Wars 2’s Lion’s Arch reconstruction has begun

Guild Wars 2's Lion's Arch reconstruction has begun, declare patch notes and a new dev post released today by ArenaNet's Gaile Gray. The patch notes, which also...

CCP extends EVE PLEX drive for latest Nepal quake

Nepal can't seem to catch a break, as a second major earthquake has devastated the region two weeks after a quake killed over 8,000...
Worlds Adrift

Here’s how you build your airship in Worlds Adrift

If you're curious about building your own airship in indie sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift, look no further than the latest dev blog. You'll need...
EVE Online

New EVE dev blog details nullsec and sov changes

If you've got an interest in EVE Online's upcoming changes to nullsec and sovereignty mechanics, and you've got a lot of time, you'll probably...
Do you want Borg? Because that's how you get Borg.

How Skyforge’s invasion system works

The world of Skyforge does not sound like a fun place to live. In addition to everything else that people have to deal with...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Unpacking Guild Wars 2’s beta drop RNG

Never before have I seen Guild Wars 2's Dry Top and the Silverwastes hive with such activity as we've seen this week. In case...
Medieval Engineers

Medieval Engineers adds multiplayer

Keen Software House has added multiplayer functionality to Medieval Engineers. What's Medieval Engineers? It's the firm's followup to Space Engineers, an enormously successful Minecraft-meets-space-survival...
It's not in imminent danger!

There’s an ARG going on in Elite: Dangerous right now

Elite: Dangerous players are in the midst of an ARG based around in-game artifacts that were tracked down by a coordinated community effort. Producer...

EverQuest II adds mercenary lockboxes

Even EverQuest II isn't immune to the money siren's call of lockboxes. The latest entry into the pseudo-gambling purchases came this past week with...

Worlds Adrift procedurally generates ‘amazing’ islands

Just because Worlds Adrift's islands will be procedurally generated doesn't mean that they will be dull and featureless. On the contrary, a new dev...