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Sea of Thieves promises a more ‘predictable, regular cadence’ for content in latest video

In this week's Sea of Thieves developer update video, Executive Producer Joe Neate digs into the latest update for Rare's high-seas sandbox and discusses...

Sea of Thieves reflects on 2018 in final developer update of the year

The final Sea of Thieves developer update of 2018 has arrived, and just like every other studio at this time of year, Rare is...

Latest Sea of Thieves developer update video addresses Shrouded Spoils feedback and achievement rebalance

It's been a little over a week since Sea of Thieves launched its Shrouded Spoils update, and while Executive Producer Joe Neate says that...

Sea of Thieves previews the PvP arena, the Sea Dogs trading company, and pets

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate is back again for another developer update video, and this week the focus is on the upcoming...
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Sea of Thieves teases Halloween event and November’s Shrouded Spoils expansion

In this week's Sea of Thieves developer update, Executive Producer Joe Neate takes a look at the upcoming Bilge Rat Adventure and gives players...

Sea of Thieves developer update video talks Forsaken Shores and Bilge Rat Adventures

Although Sea of Thieves players may be somewhat disappointed that they won't be receiving a game update this week, the folks over at Rare...