Keeping at it

The Imperial Realm: Miranda celebrates a decade of work by a single developer

On Saturday, November 9th, The Imperial Realm: Miranda will have been in development for a solid decade. That in and of itself might not...
That's something like a relief.

EA CEO on Anthem: ‘I feel like that team is really going to get there with something special and something great’

We don't want to say that the mood of the Anthem fanbase is fatalistic at this point, but it's certainly not predicting that all...

The Daily Grind: Do you have any hope left for Anthem?

I feel faintly as if I owe Bree an apology. When I volunteered to do our first impressions piece on Anthem, it was actually a...
Never mind, I'm not real!

Peria Chronicles has announced its first test phase starting on May 9

After a long silence, it looks like Peria Chronicles is finally moving into a state of active testing! Or it is soon, anyhow; registration for...
Our faith has been rewarded!

Peria Chronicles promises to announce something soon via Facebook

Those of us who were still looking forward to Peria Chronicles got used to being mocked. We grew accustomed to being told that we were...

The Daily Grind: When does an in-development MMO become real to you?

Call me a cranky old person if you wish, but a game goes from "nice idea and/or tech demo" to "actual MMO" when it's...
Yes, we're all very impressed over here.

The Daily Grind: What would cause you to stop playing your main MMO?

In the broadest terms, it's easy to know what makes you stop playing an MMO. Specifically, you're just not having fun any more, or...
How near, how far.

After a month of quiet work, Valiance Online updates fans on internal progress

A while back, Valiance Online made a thread on its official forum to keep fans up to date on the internal progress for the game;...
Someone hold the lamp up.

Saga of Lucimia developers are closing the game’s pre-order store as development enters its second stage

Remember the old story from The Onion about Starbucks beginning a sinister "phase two?" That's not at all what's happening with Stage Two of...

Massively Overthinking: The boring MMO development between bookends of hype

If you watch MMOs being developed for long enough, one truth becomes evident: It's kinda boring. I started thinking a bit about this last week...
In we go.

Anthem is just under a month away from official launch, but weekend VIP demo downloading has begun

If you've been looking forward to Anthem, you have about a month to go until it has launched for everyone. The game's full launch is...

Bungie contradicts Activision disappointment in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Players certainly seem to have been happy with Destiny 2: Forsaken, which many players have cited as a similar update in nature to the...
This mailbox is mine.

Chronicles of Elyria’s latest blog post recaps the development of Adventure 0.4.0, previews Adventure 0.5.0

It's an exciting time for the folks over at Soulbound Studios, as they're putting the wraps on the development of Chronicles of Elyria's Adventure...

City of Titans is still on track for Issue 0 by the end of the year

The fact that City of Titans is still planning to have "issue zero" playable for backers by the end of the year is indisputably...

Wizard101 shares a whole list of facts you might not know about its development

If you weren't already aware, we like lists of 10 around here. So we're pleased by the format Wizard101 chose to use in revealing...
Like a bridged over zone-wide conflicts

Crowfall shows off the behind-the-scenes magic of the Clusterizer

As cool as it may sound, unless you're actually working on developing Crowfall, the odds are you will never see the Clusterizer in action....
Because the franchise is being brought back from the dead, you see.

Stay Awhile And Listen II is on Kickstarter covering the development of Diablo II

Would it be wrong to call Diablo II the most influential sequel ever? Maybe. But it undoubtedly had a huge impact on the game...

How the best devs are ‘fleeing in droves’ to escape the abusive games industry

My only nephew is something of a math prodigy, and the fact that he wants to be a game designer when he grows up...

Rend is still on track for a feature-complete Early Access this year

The alpha testing for Rend has just recently begun, and as the game's official Twitter account helpfully informed us, the game is still on...
going nowhere, going nowhere

Sea of Thieves developers talk about the work on the Hungering Deep and subsequent updates

The first major update for Sea of Thieves will be out in the wild soon, and as the newest development video shows off, the...