That's a lot of people.

Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan on team size and development time

There are around 100 developers working on Overwatch right now. That number comes from director Jeff Kaplan directly in a thread on the game's...
There's... yeah, there's a lot.

The Daily Grind: How complex should playing an MMORPG character be?

I am downright out of room in Final Fantasy XIV. My characters have two sets of action bars packed to the gills along with...

Crowfall teases the Guinecean Duelist, shifts development to focus on foundations

Small and deadly: That might just be the motto of theĀ Guinecean Duelist, Crowfall's newest archetype in development. ArtCraft teased the pint-sized class yesterday and...
Oh no, a MOTH

Final Fantasy XI plans its August update following a community AMA

Since Final Fantasy XI has moved into maintenance mode, it's been receiving monthly patches to give players more content to play through, adjustments to...
I mean, it worked okay.

The Daily Grind: Is console support a bad idea for MMOs?

The fact that Destiny is tossing itself into maintenance mode on older consoles got me thinking about the very nature of MMOs on consoles....
What's it worth to you.

Skyforge producer’s letter shines a light on communication

Sometimes, it's really hard to know if the developers are listening to the players. Sure, you can tell players that the development team is...
Ah, because you're awesome. That's your selling point.

Chronicles of Elyria developers discuss rope bridge development

There's no question at this point about whether or not Chronicles of Elyria will be funded. There is, however, some question of whether or...
We all began with good intents.

Chronicles of Elyria moves past the 50% mark with a reward correction

It seems like it was just a couple of days ago when we were writing about Chronicles of Elyria hitting a funding milestone, chiefly...

Exclusive: Origins of Malu suspends development, seeks investors

These are the days when your job isn't much fun: When you report sad news in the MMOverse. Today's unhappy announcement is that the...
Pretty nice world that might one day be a game.

Saga of Lucimia shows off its alpha environments

How do you feel about taking tours of landscapes? The latest video from Saga of Lucimia is taking you on just such a tour...

Ragnarok 2 comes under new management, returns to active development

Good news for fans of Ragnarok 2 today: WarpPortal announced that it will be taking over the development of the game from Gravity Interactive....
Try try try.

The Division’s game director leaves for IO Interactive

Staffing changes are really pretty common when a big title launches. It's understandable, even; if you've just spent several years of your life working...
Go boom.

Guild Wars 2 is not going back to biweekly updates: ‘When we’re shipping every two weeks, we just have to ship’

There's no way that the Guild Wars 2 AMA on Reddit could possibly top the big bombshell about Colin Johanson's departure that started the...
THere's a big picture here that you may not be seeing.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon is now in development

Are you interested in a Darkfall reboot? No, not the official one that rewrote the game's core structure, but something throwing the game back...
Early, earlier, earliest.

Project Genom launches into Early Access in May

If you want to get in on Project Genom without being part of a formal testing pool, your chance is approaching. The developers have...

WildStar’s new game director Chad Moore on the state of the game

Chad Moore is moving up the ranks in Carbine Studios; after a long tenure as the lore expert, Moore is now the director behind...
It's like three games for the price of... well, actually, it's two games now.

Chris Roberts answers another ten questions for Star Citizen fans

Ready for another round of answers for Star Citizen fans from the project's brain trust? Chris Roberts has sat down for the 76th installment...
Once you crank up the gamma, it doesn't look so bad.

Grimdark sandbox Revival plans the wrap-up of its first client stage

Now that we're in February, the holidays are finally behind us all. (Very few people actually get to skip work on Valentine's Day.) That...
It's almost like getting what you were promised, only exactly not.

Sword Coast Legends postpones free update in favor of Rage of Demons expansions

Development schedules are tricky things. From the outside it's easy to look at them as promises, contracts made between players and developers, but in...
Why do you build me up, Buttercup, baby, just to let me down and mess me around?

NCsoft is hiring for a new shooter project

If you were kind of sad when NCsoft shut down development on Project HON back in March, today's news is going to hit you...