While my definitions were legally accurate...

Darkfall developers considering freemium model

When Darkfall opened up its doors to community discussion, one of the major points mentioned by the developers was that free-to-play was completely off...
Whoa there, little mechy.

Project Genom is getting a full open world and rebuilt locations

Wondering what's going on with Project Genom? You're not the only one, as the most recent development dispatch makes it clear that the team...
Take the high road in the high tower.

Crowfall discusses the true meaning of ‘pre-alpha’

What is an alpha, really? What's the dividing line between an alpha and a pre-alpha when both are playable? If a game has had...
Marathon, by Rush.

Crowfall: Milestones from eight months of development

Crowfall has been in development for eight months now. That sounds like a substantial amount of time until you think about how long games...
Wow, hey, stuff.

RIFT’s design team answers player questions on Reddit

In 1964, Bob Dylan released "The Times They Are A-Changin'," and he could very well have been talking about RIFT. Sure, the odds are...
In the grim darkness of whatever, blah blah explosions.

Eternal Crusade’s alpha is meant as a dry run of the live experience

Are you of the mind that Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade jumped into alpha a little bit too early? A new state of the game...
ridin spinnas, ridin spinnas, ridin spinnas, they don stop

The Secret World discusses bags and its next dungeon

As we enter October, people are inevitably going to be asking for hoverboards because a movie once posited that October 21st, 2015, would include...
Do it anyway, but feel bad about it.

Hi-Rez Studios felt bad about abandoning Tribes: Ascend

Letting Tribes: Ascend lie untouched for a long while was a smart business decision for Hi-Rez Studios, but it wasn't one that the developers...
How am I supposed to remember you if you won't let me forget?

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen gets a new website and new team members

It would be fair to say that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has had something a checkered development history, but it seems to be...
I live, I die, I live again!

Hi-Rez Studios’ COO Todd Harris on Paladins, Tribes: Ascend, and e-sports

It was kind of a surprise when Tribes: Ascend fans were told this week to expect new stuff for the game after it sat...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy Guild Wars 2 datamining?

I know, I know: Solid information about Heart of Thorns is coming really slowly from the Guild Wars 2 PR machine, making for a...
I'm sick of you leaving a trail of bodies wherever you go.

H1Z1 developers assure players that Survival is not forgotten

The first H1Z1 invitational is a pretty big deal, and it's definitely taking the majority of developer attention as it draws closer. But however...
How hard could it be, indeed.

H1Z1 significantly overhauls its map plans and development schedule

Back in July of last year, H1Z1 players learned that the game's engine could support a landmass of more than 16,000 square kilometers. At...
The boogie, for instance.

RIFT community manager: ‘RIFT is in zero danger’

The health of a game is always important to the players; no one wants to make a home that's going to be shut down...
We are coming undone

H1Z1 postpones roadmap plans to focus on cleanup

Sometimes you just have to stop moving forward and take a little time to get things cleaned up. The team working behind the scenes...
The complex interplay of replying or ignoring accusations.

Star Citizen dismisses ‘feature creep’ concerns, declares Star Marine has NOT been canceled

The year thus far has not been the best possible year for Star Citizen. The game has seen a few people depart from prominent...
No top guns here.

Derek Smart says Star Citizen, ‘as has been pitched, will never get made’

The most polite possible way to describe Derek Smart is "contentious." He's indisputably worked on several games of huge scope without great reception. But...

The Secret World plots its third anniversary

Can you believe that it's been three years since the release of The Secret World? It's even more surreal if you're a developer who...
Still crazy after all these years.

Turbine on the future of Dungeons & Dragons Online

Dungeons & Dragons Online is not one of the biggest titles on the market, but it was one of the first major subscription games...
At this point every free-to-play game is different from the others by not offering a gameplay advantage for paying money.

Dragon of Legends will be a cross-platform pixel MMO

If you like pixel art and the promise of being able to play an MMO on both mobile and desktop clients, you should probably...