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Diablo IV’s design team touches on BlizzCon feedback

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of time between now and Diablo IV's launch, whenever that will be. This means that the online ARPG...
It's a tale as old as time.

Blizzard says it’s listening to Diablo 4 feedback on items and stats

If you're grumpy about the way Diablo IV's items and stat system was shaping up, you're apparently not alone - and there are...

Diablo IV opens the Dark Gallery to showcase dark locales of the dark ARPG

Dare you stare into the heart of darkness that is Diablo IV's Dark Gallery? Beware, reader. You can't just look at these...

Diablo IV lead developer confirms cosmetic microtransactions will be in the game

So, just how will Blizzard make sweet, sweet money off of Diablo IV? Expansions, surely. A cash shop, apparently. And that cash shop...

Massively Overthinking: The best and worst of BlizzCon 2019

BlizzCon 2019 is behind us, finally, and we're winding down our coverage and trying to put a capstone on the experience. In this...
Another one of these, but the art is more boring.

Diablo IV’s developers are hoping to get crossplay working for the upcoming Blizzard title

You may or may not think that Diablo IV is going in the right direction overall (our Not So Massively columnist isn't a...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 245: BlizzContrite

Justin and Bree discuss BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard's apology, WoW Shadowlands, Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, Ship of Heroes, Camelot Unchained, and Final Fantasy XIV, with a mailbag question on MMO housing preferences.

Not So Massively: Diablo IV is going in all the wrong directions

I remain torn on whether to forgive Blizzard for its "Hong Kong liberation" fiasco. J. Allen Brack has already contradicted his...

The Daily Grind: Is Overwatch 2 just the MMO we wanted before there was an Overwatch?

Going into BlizzCon, the only thing I really cared about was Diablo 4 - chiefly because I loved the Diablo franchise. It was...
a dorf

BlizzCon 2019: Diablo 4 promises no real money auction house and regular content updates

In the minds of many, Diablo III got a lot of things wrong. Whether it's the anemic update cadence, the decision to use...

The Daily Grind: So, were you pleased with BlizzCon 2019?

Folks, I'm writing this from the distant past and you're reading it now. I'm writing for the future. So as I type this, I don't...

BlizzCon 2019: Diablo 4’s shared open world multiplayer, soloing, and trading

While Diablo Immortal wasted no time labeling itself as an MMORPG, Diablo 4 has been a bit more cagey. At BlizzCon...

BlizzCon 2019: Mobile MMOARPG Diablo Immortal gets new content, videos, and preregistration

During this afternoon's BlizzCon Opening Ceremonies, Blizzard didn't so much as breathe the words "Diablo Immortal," in spite of multiple devs (and...

BlizzCon 2019: Blizzard officially announces Diablo 4

It's official: Blizzard's going back to its "darker roots" with Diablo 4. During the opening ceremony, the studio vowed excessive blood and gore...
More like Dia-BLOWs, right?

Yet another Diablo 4 leak suggests Blizzard’s going back to its gothic Diablo roots

It seems as if we've had no end to the leaks for games supposedly being revealed at tomorrow's BlizzCon kickoff, especially for Diablo...

The Daily Grind: Will BlizzCon weaken gamers’ #BoycottBlizzard resolve?

Two forces are destined to collide at this coming weekend's BlizzCon: the force of fan fury over Blizzard's recent actions and the force of...

Another Diablo 4 detail appears to have been revealed via an artbook page

The security around the Diablo 4 announcement that everyone's expecting for this year's BlizzCon appears to be rather porous. While we don't know for...

The Daily Grind: What are you hoping to see in Diablo 4?

Rumors and leaks are making it seem ever more likely that Blizzard will finally reveal Diablo 4 at this year's BlizzCon, and though...

German magazine ad appears to confirm impending announcement of Diablo 4

It's been long-rumored - and heck we all expected it last year - but it kinda looks like Diablo 4 has been confirmed...

Not So Massively: The Blizzard I loved is dead

This week's Not So Massively column was supposed to be a wishlist of things I want from an announcement of Diablo IV....