Ask Mo: The hits and misses of MassivelyOP’s 2019 predictions

The day has come: the day when we look back at last year's predictions for this year and see how we did. Yep, this...

Choose My Adventure: How Citadel Forged with Fire made me like survival sandboxes in spite of its faults

So here we are at the end of my first real deep dive into a survival sandbox. Citadel: Forged with Fire is, by all...

Massively OP’s guide to MMO Thanksgiving 2019

Pass the cranberry sauce, we're having mashed potatoes! Oh the turkey looks great! Thank you for loving me, thank you for being there, thank you...

RuneScape lets players rear dinos, Old School RuneScape beta tests the Nightmare of Ashihama

Whether you want to raise dinos or take on horrifying nightmare monsters, both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have you covered respectively with some...

Black Desert PC teases its next class and Black Desert Mobile KR is adding the Mystic

It's all about classes in this bundle of Black Desert news, which might cause some to roll their eyes, but both additions should be...

Massively Overthinking: What MMO were you hoping to hear much more about this year?

Going through our coverage of 2019's MMOs, I realized there are a bunch of games that have previously been on our "anticipated" lists that...

Choose My Adventure: An intriguing and frustrating start in Citadel Forged with Fire

This one’s going to be a doozy, I can already tell. My first arrival to Citadel: Forged with Fire was a bumpy, rough, unpleasant one....

Massively Uplifting: Gamers and studios raise millions for Extra Life and other charities

Had enough of the tricks of October? How about some treats now that we're in November! Generous donations #forthekids were collected by gamers and...

The Project 1999 EverQuest emulator is opening yet another server thanks to demand

The folks behind Project 1999, the officially sanctioned classic EverQuest emulator, have had about a week now to look at how the population of...
More like Dia-BLOWs, right?

Yet another Diablo 4 leak suggests Blizzard’s going back to its gothic Diablo roots

It seems as if we've had no end to the leaks for games supposedly being revealed at tomorrow's BlizzCon kickoff, especially for Diablo 4....

Lost Ark open beta kicks off in Russia and there’s already ways for English-speaking players to hop in

We wholly expect Lost Ark to make its way to our shores soon enough, but that certainly hasn't stopped many from getting ahead of...

Halloween approaches for RIFT, Skyforge, Destiny 2, ARK, and Dauntless

We'll have our complete guide to Halloween across the MMO universe early next week, but we would be remiss not to mention some big...

Nexon is sunsetting mobile survival MMO Durango Wild Lands already

Welp, that didn't last long: Nexon announced last night that it's sunsetting Durango Wild Lands, a mobile survival MMO that kicked around in various...

RuneScape opens up dino egg collecting, fixes seagull sounds, and touches on Hardcore Ironman races

Yep, it's another RuneScape news bundle. Hope you like bulleted lists, friends. Players who are eager to get themselves some baby dinos can now...

The Stream Team: Taking another crack at hatching PixARK dino eggs

The last time Massively OP's MJ tried to breed and raise baby dinos in PixARK, it didn't turn out too well. She vowed to...

RuneFest 2019: Exploring RuneScape’s archaeology, dino breeding, and content through 2020

Do you know what I have been missing in my life? Baby dinos. I really miss getting to raise baby dinos. But thanks to...

Vague Patch Notes: Copies, blatant copies, and plagiarism in MMOs

So... this was honestly not the story that I had expected to have wound up coming out of Eternal Magic. I'd been expecting that "beauty...

Dark and Light is launching revamped Chaos PvP servers to bolster populations

Back in October 2017, the folks at Dark and Light had elected to liven up the PvP scene with Chaos servers, which feature faster...
Sure, great, thanks.

Early access pirate MMO Atlas is launching on Xbox One next week – with PC crossplay

Atlas has been one of the odder MMOs we've covered this last year. In spite of a bungled launch, it managed to avoid the...

Torchlight Frontiers brings back its fame and contract system

Early Torchlight Frontiers testers might recall a previous version of the fame and contract system that experimented with a daily quest-and-reward format. Echtra Games...