Lord of the Rings Online makes Mordor and High Elves available for points

Some people would rather spend points on expansions and races in Lord of the Rings Online rather than parting with real money. Good...
This guy is decked out in armor. THAT is a talent, even.

PSA: Eternal Crusade is available via Humble Bundle for $10

It's possible that you were very excited for Eternal Crusade, but the launch impressions turned you off of the game's asking price....
It's less of a secret now.

PSA: The Secret World is on sale for 75% off

Big discounts are nice. They're especially nice when you're talking about buy-to-play games, since that means you can get the game at a discount...
The power of price compels you, or something.

PSA: The Elder Scrolls Online is half-price on Steam until June 5th

Are you a student just about to have a whole summer off with nothing to do but forget what you learned? Are you a...
This sounded good until you started attacking my toolkit for some reason.

Black Desert Online is hosting a Saint Patrick’s Day event

There aren't a large number of MMOs that celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, probably because it's easier to come up with vague lore-appropriate reasons to...
Make my time a priority.

WildStar is now on clearance at Best Buy

So... you all remember how yesterday saw WildStar boxes being yanked in Australia, combined with that promotion encouraging players to buy more...