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Jukebox Heroes: Rappelz’ soundtrack

When you cover a metric ton of MMOs and other related games professionally, it becomes an interesting task to keep them all straight in...
tappa tappa tappa

MMO Business Roundup: Lucasfilm Games, Anthem sales, MapleStory Fest, and Oculus

Welcome back to another round of the MMO Business Roundup. It's GDC week, so it's no surprise that we've had so many business...

MMO industry veteran Bill Roper has departed SpatialOS company Improbable

If you've been around in MMOs a while, you surely know Bill Roper and his pedigree. He's a former Blizzard developer who went on to...

Hyperspace Beacon: The Star Wars MMOs and communities beyond SWTOR

Time flies: I am now coming up on nine years of covering Star Wars: The Old Republic professionally. Of course, I was...

Kakao is apparently considering a bid for Nexon as sale process heats up

Over January, we've been covering the future of Nexon, whose controlling owner, Kim Jung-ju, is aiming to sell his nearly 99% stake...
Leaf it up.

Nexon founder’s controlling shares in the company are now officially up for sale

Remember how Nexon's founder and 98.64% share holder Kim Jung-ju made it clear early this month that he was looking into selling his...

The Daily Grind: What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2018?

I have a feeling I know what the answer to this question is going to be for a lot of folks - WildStar...

Fortnite: Epic announces sandbox Creative mode, streamer donates $164,000 in tourney prize money

It looks as if you're getting some Fortnite Game Awards announcements early thanks to (what we'll assume is) an accidental upload from...

Toontown Rewritten’s latest player update buffs options and character movement

Massively OP's own Justin "The Game Archaeologist" Olivetti deep-dived the history of Toontown Online in his column just about a year ago, but...

The Game Archaeologist: Castle Infinity, the MMO that was literally rescued from a dumpster

In the grand history of MMORPGs, kids games seem to have it rougher than most. Developers have had a hard time cracking into that...

Working As Intended: The gamification of the workification of games

Last weekend, my husband made the bold choice to let our young son play The Stanley Parable. I am not entirely sure the kid...
No one weekend should have all that power.

Global Chat: Is it time to get rid of MMO factions?

Factions in MMORPGs are a "love 'em, hate 'em, or largely ignore 'em until the studio remembers it has 'em and decides to shove...

The last remnants of Club Penguin are sunsetting, again, as Disney lays off Club Penguin Island staff

Back in 2017, Disney announced that it was shutting down kid-friendly MMO Club Penguin after 12 years of play, replacing it with a...

Perfect Ten: Why World of Warcraft is still worth playing in 2018

When it comes to popular games, it seems as though writers don't feel that they have to extol their virtues. They're already popular, after...

LOTRO Legendarium: The unique feel of Lord of the Rings Online

I am very much a creature who is affected deeply by my environment. I suspect all of us are to varying degrees, but I...

Global Chat: What MMO bloggers think about Battle for Azeroth

There certainly is no shortage of opinions concerning World of Warcraft's latest expansion out there lately. The blogosphere by and large turned its...

One Shots: Motion sickness

Our headlining picture today comes with a request for some help, so we're calling all Warframe players to give their aid! "So I finally...

London Spitfire topped this weekend’s Overwatch League world championship as second season franchise buy-ins climb

The Overwatch League's first season grand finals have wrapped up, and the London Spitfire has emerged as the world victor. The Spitfire...

Overwatch League gets ESPN and Disney XD television contract

Count this as a huge victory for Blizzard's attempt to legitimize and popularize its fledgling Overwatch League. The studio announced this week that it has...

Ashes of Creation claims it’s ‘now among the largest MMOs in production’

Ashes of Creation claims it's "now among the largest MMOs in production" thanks to the addition of a large crew of new hires...