We got it back, after all.

The Daily Grind: Would you play an older MMO with completely new graphics?

Gosh, City of Heroes is still a wonderful game... but boy, it really does show its age when I look at it now. The downside...
We all live in a potentially messy world.

The Daily Grind: How much do aesthetics impact your playstyle choices in an MMO?

How your character looks affects your enjoyment of an MMO. This is almost a tautology; you spent time in the character creator, obviously, so...
This place is ugly.

Star Trek Online shines more light on graphical changes

If any game doesn't need to offer players actual technical information about graphical upgrades, it's Star Trek Online. The developers could just say that...
da da da da da da

Star Wars: The Old Republic will add weapon tunings outside of the cash shop

Cosmetic options are a very big part of Star Wars: The Old Republic, so adding a new cosmetic option to the game is going...
Just throw on any old gear.

The Daily Grind: What MMO has your favorite non-combat pets?

Non-combat pets are one of those things that lots of MMOs have hanging around in their own ways. They're little vanity rewards that allow...
All right, I can sort of see it.

Anarchy Online’s new graphical engine is finally live

Anarchy Online has been on the verge of having a new graphics engine for what seems to be forever and a day, but it's...
Let's make it prettier again.

EVE Online sheds some light on… texture lighting

Players spend a lot of time staring at the hulls of their EVE Online ships, so it makes sense to make those ships as...
All right, when people made fun of EVE battles looking like a field of Icons, I feel like the wrong lesson was learned here.

EVE Online shows off overhauled icons

Big battles in EVE Online take place over long distances. Players need to be able to zoom out and get a sense of the...