divergence online

Official Site: Divergence Online
Studio: Stained Glass Llama
Launch Date: Steam early access January 7, 2016
Genre: Sci-fi sandbox
Business Model: Crowdfunded, B2P in Early Access
Platform: PC

Divergence Online abandons Steam sales over ongoing review harassment

Update: We have continued our reporting on this story here. Yesterday, an eagle-eyed reader noticed that Divergence Online had seemingly been pulled from Steam and...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 46: The high price of VR

Justin and Bree discuss the Oculus Rift's pricetag, Marvel Heroes' David Brevik, Divergence Online, Smed on emus, and TUG, with mailbag questions on tstories, MOBAs, and skill trees.
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Make My MMO: Oculus Rift, Greed Monger’s return, and TUG’s $8.5M (January 9, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, the Oculus Rift, once a crowdfunded venture, is now asking a whopping $599 for its final product, befuddling market...
Good, sure, but $600 of good?

Betawatch: Oculus Rift-bound EVE Valkyrie plans alpha (January 8, 2016)

The good news for eager VR fans is that EVE: Valkyrie's first alpha test will start up on January 18th for use with the...

SWG-inspired sandbox Divergence Online is now on Steam early access

If you've been waiting over the last week for Valve to approve Divergence Online for its inevitable Steam early access release, wait no longer:...

Divergence Online calls for an indefinite moratorium on ‘gaming yelp reviewer bullshit’

Still waiting for Valve to approve Divergence Online for its inevitable Steam early access release? Stained Glass Llama's Ethan Casner is too. While we...

Hardcore sci-fi sandbox Divergence Online preps for Steam early access launch

Sci-fi sandbox Divergence Online is on the way to Steam's early access program -- at least, it will be when someone at Valve wakes...

Here’s how to use a factory in the Divergence alpha

Divergence Online creator Ethan Casner published a new YouTube video yesterday that focuses on the sci-fi sandbox's factory implementation. Much like in the classic...

Divergence Online cracks Steam Greenlight’s top 10, starts work on combat

It's been a very good week indeed for Divergence Online, as the upcoming sandbox MMO has shot into the top 10 list of Steam...
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Make My MMO: Divergence Online takes Steam by storm (October 10, 2015)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Divergence Online landed on Steam Greenlight, bolstering its ongoing Indiegogo campaign by rocketing to #15 on the platform's Greenlight...
More exciting than the video.

Watch harvesting and crafting on an industrial scale in Divergence Online

Sometimes you don't really need to say a lot more, you know? There is a video here. It's 14 minutes of crafting and gathering...
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Make My MMO: September 26, 2015

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Divergence Online continued to raise eyebrows. First, head honcho Ethan "Lord of Edge" Casner spoke with MOP regarding...

Divergence Online adds consensual PvP server stretch goal

Yesterday, we published a detailed interview with Ethan Casner, one of the devs behind Star Wars Galaxies-inspired Divergence Online. The response was more or...

Divergence Online’s Ethan Casner on SWG 2.0, open PvP, and edgelords

Star Wars Galaxies-inspired indie sandbox Divergence Online busted out its third alpha and third crowdfunding campaign last week, prompting many of Massively OP's readers...

The Daily Grind: What makes a good MMO spiritual successor?

News of Divergence Online's third crowdfunding campaign sparked a bit of discussion about MMO spiritual sequels earlier this week. Stained Glass Llama's sci-fi sandbox purports...

‘SWG 2.0’ Divergence Online hits alpha 3, launches Indiegogo campaign

If Divergence Online sounds familiar, that's because it's been in pre-launch testing for a few years already. This week, it's entered its third alpha and launched...

Make My MMO: February 21, 2015

Welcome back to Make My MMO, a recurring column from Massively-that-was which covers crowdsourced MMOs of both the fully funded and the not-so-much variety....