fight me specifically

Star Wars fan strives to create the definitive SWTOR documentary

After 15 years of development and a decade of live operation, Star Wars: The Old Republic has quite the storied history under its belt....

LEGO documentary details the saga of the LEGO Universe MMORPG

Anyone here recall LEGO Universe? The game has had a bumpy history to say the least, much of which we've touched on when we...

Wizard101 is getting an Amazon Prime documentary. Yes, really.

If you live and game outside of the Spiral, you may not have noticed that Wizard101 just celebrated its 12th anniversary this year. And...
Gotta protect that shoulder.

Check out a short documentary on designing armor in Star Wars: The Old Republic

There's a certain look required to make Star Wars: The Old Republic characters come to life. It has to be memorable, yes, but it...
Everyone is very mature.

Here’s everything you want to know about Fallout 76, including the making-of documentary

With players compiling a massive amount of useful information and Noclip releasing a making-of documentary for Fallout 76, we're starting to arrive at a...

RuneScape airs ’15 Years of Adventure’ documentary

"This is the story of a world created in a kitchen. Of a community bonding as they kill chickens or fish for sharks. It's a...

A World of Darkness documentary is in the works

Production has already begun in Stockholm, Sweden, to create a two-part documentary that looks at the history and phenomenon of the World of Darkness franchise....
It's been a long time.

Check out a teaser for RuneScape’s 15-year anniversary documentary

Next year, RuneScape will be celebrating 15 years of continual operation. Even if you don't play the game and consider it one of your...

League of Legends documentary looks at the lives of five players

One thing is for sure: Online gaming wouldn't exist without the passionate communities behind them. A new documentary called Live / Play looks at...