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Massively Opinionated: Which MMO would be the most innovative if launched today?

MMO players are always concerned about innovation. Who doesn’t want his game to be the latest and greatest? Inspired by two of our Patreon supporters, Duane and Viking, this week’s Opinionated panel discusses innovation and its application in the realm of MMORPGs.

On this episode, host Larry Everett has invited two veteran MMO pundits to the debate: Troy Blackburn from Gamebreaker and Jason Winter from MMOBomb.

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Massively Opinionated: Which in-game system is most beneficial to an MMO?

Most of us probably suspect that some of our most anticipated MMOs have concentrated on precisely the wrong systems and mechanics. So to find out which games systems are the most important to an MMORPG, our host Larry Everett invited the guys from to battle it out. Larry welcomes Andrew Desmond, Troy Blackburn, and Chuck Dunmire to the ring.

The rules are simple: Each panelist was given four questions before the show, each debates his argument, and then our host awards a point per question for the best argument. The panelist with the most points at the end wins the game and love of every MMO gamer everywhere.

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Massively Opinionated: What’s the next big MMO buzzword?

In this episode of Massively Opinionated, the topic is public relations and communication. Sometimes marketing and consumer relationships in MMOs don’t always go the way game creators plan. So this week, we debate the ways MMOs should and shouldn’t handle their customers. Host Larry Everett invited two individuals who are very familiar with the inner workings of the games industry: From here at Massively OP and Predestination, welcome Brendan Drain and Tina Lauro. Enjoy the show!

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Massively Opinionated: What is the biggest PR mistake an MMO’s ever made?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo presented a lot of opportunities for public relations mistakes, which led me to wonder about the biggest mistakes an MMO’s ever made, the topic of today’s Massively Opinionated debate vidcast! We also have multiple questions from the Patreon backers, and an interesting question about changing MMO systems mid-stream.

This week’s panelists hail from all over the internet: Mike Byrne is the Editor-in-Chief at MMO Bomb, Cosmic Engine can be found on YouTube doing video game reviews, and Tina Lauro can be found right here on MassivelyOP and the Predestination game website.

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