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Destiny 2’s borked patch has already caused a day and night of downtime – and a rollback

Destiny 2 players are... actually probably playing something else right now, if my own spouse is any guide, as the game suffered a nasty...

Roblox emerges, blinking into the sun, after a three-day outage

Kiddies and adults alike looking for a few Halloween treats in Roblox this past weekend experienced a nasty trick instead. Starting last Thursday, the...
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The Daily Grind: When should MMO studios compensate players for downtime?

Been playing Lord of the Rings Online lately? That's a little gallows humor for you, right there; logging into LOTRO has been a well-documented...

World of Warcraft perseveres under weekend DDoS attacks, WoW Classic fixes layering exploits

It was a pretty annoying weekend to be playing some of Blizzard's titles -- in particular, World of Warcraft Classic. Players noticed significant disruptions,...

WildStar compensates players for March downtime

WildStar's North American server, Entity, recently went through the ringer as a procedure during downtime to optimize its backend caused a host of issues...

PSA: Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Champions Online will be offline most of Wednesday

So we've got some mixed news for you, friends. The good news is that usual maintenance for Champions Online, Neverwinter, and Star Trek Online will...
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RIFT compensates players for server instability

Fans of RIFT have a new expansion to play, but that requires the game's servers to be cooperating in order to actually play it....
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Guild Wars 2 suffers technical difficulties, pushes out gifts following rollback

If you're logging into Guild Wars 2 today, expect a bit of weirdness. Yesterday's patch caused a soulbinding glitch that took the servers offline and...

Guild Wars 2’s servers suffer rollback, downtime

ArenaNet announced this afternoon that it must roll back Guild Wars 2's servers. Mike O'Brien broke the bad news on the forums: "This is an...

Meta: Massively OP website maintenance this weekend

Hello, loyal readers! will be undergoing extended maintenance this weekend beginning at 2 a.m. EST on Saturday, February 27th, 2016. Downtime is expected to be...

Trove extends downtime by 24 hours [Update: It’s back up now!]

The two-day downtime for Trove that was supposed to end today has gotten extended by a full 24 hours as Trion Worlds announced that...

Valve finally addresses Steam’s Christmas fiasco, says a DDOS led to the caching error

Valve has finally addressed Steam's Christmas caching fiasco. In an announcement today, it explains the problem: that for 90 minutes on Christmas day, people...
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Trove plans database overhaul to correct for game downtime

At the risk of being presumptuous, we think it's a fair statement that most people who enjoy playing online games prefer being able to...
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Final Fantasy XIV is creating its first European data center

Final Fantasy XIV is not a game with action combat, but you can still be pretty thoroughly screwed whilst trying to play the game...

ArcheAge hands out compensation packs for Heroes Awaken downtime

ArcheAge's lengthy downtime over the weekend and its subsequent problems getting the authentication servers working has prompted Trion Worlds to hand out compensation packs...
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World of Warcraft weathers an assault from the DDoS legion

Last night was not a fun time to be playing World of Warcraft. Various game servers started going offline, and while the initial statement...

RIFT patch 3.3 is live with extra nightmares

You don't have to wait until Halloween for RIFT to break out the heebie-jeebies, as its Waking Nightmares update went live yesterday, though it was not...