Daybreak devs address the Z1 Battle Royale turmoil, vow ‘minimal disruption’

It's been a rocky week for Z1 Battle Royale, as developer NantG laid off a number of its staff before announcing that it was...

Fallout 76 is introducing controversial repair kits to the in-game store after promising no P2W

Back in October 2018, Bethsoft's Pete Hines verbally pounded on the desk stating that Fallout 76's in-game store wouldn't feature pay-to-win items. That insistence...
Who is this guy, man?

BioWare internal memo vows to address studio disarray, says Kotaku’s Anthem exposé was ‘traumatizing’

On Tuesday this week, Kotaku published a devastating exposé of BioWare, interviewing 19 people in the know to reveal a state of "crisis" in...
Hooray, no shouting LFG for hours, that's enticing.

Kotaku’s Anthem exposé unmasks a studio in ‘crisis’ – and BioWare’s response is alarming

Kotaku has another lengthy expose up today, this one homing in on Anthem. Author Jason Schreier interviewed 19 Anthem (and Anthem-adjacent) developers to paint...

Reddit is aflame over the ban of a popular bug-exposing YouTuber from ARK Survival Evolved

Since this article's publication, Wildcard has walked back the ban. We've updated with the whole story at the very end. Not quite a year ago,...

Daybreak’s definitely-not-owner Columbus Nova is back in national news again

Does it ever seem weird to you when companies involved in gaming show up in big political dramas in the real world? Because it...

Escape from Tarkov devs apparently abused DMCA to target more than one YouTube critic

Back in December, we covered trouble brewing in the Escape From Tarkov community, as Russian developer Battlestate stood accused of abusing DMCA takedowns against...

An EVE Online corporation has been hit with a GDPR request from an ex-member

We often talk about how EVE Online can sometimes mirror the real world in startling detail, with its complex politics, global power struggles, and player-run...

Blizzard sources dish on Warcraft Go, Diablo IV, Diablo Immortal, China, and Activision’s culture shift

Kotaku has a wild article up today ahead of the holiday with input from nearly a dozen anonymous current and former Blizzard employees spilling...

Make My MMO: Star Citizen hits $200M in crowdfunds, Reddit drama ensues

This week week in MMO crowdfunding, Star Citizen officially broke the $200 million barrier for total funding collected from the proverbial crowd. That's a...
Please, just... potter less.

EVE Online coalition war is brought to an end through a shady backroom treaty

If there's one constant in CCP's free-for-all space sim EVE Online, it's that someone will always be at war with someone else, and with...

Star Citizen partially reverses CitizenCon streaming paywall decision after community erupts

Note: We've updated the end of this post with the latest developments since the article went live Friday morning. The Star Citizen subreddit has been...

Former Guild Wars 2 developer criticizes ArenaNet boss for ‘solicitation of harassment’ and minimization of her work

Former ArenaNet developer Jessica Price has just made a string of new statements on Twitter discussing some of the issues surrounding the ongoing Guild...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Unpacking Guild Wars 2’s PR nightmare

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have noticed that two Guild Wars 2 developers were cut loose last week after a heated Twitter...

ArenaNet has let go two Guild Wars 2 devs following a heated Twitter confrontation

Please note that this article has been heavily updated over the last week as this story has continued developing. New additions are at the...

Star Citizen’s Around the Verse covers character concepts and the Vulture, while CCP throws shade

Set aside the many Star Citizen dramas of the week and feast your eyeballs on the game's latest edition of Around the Verse, which...

The Star Citizen subreddit is in the middle of a massive flamewar as a big backer loses faith

Star Citizen drama on the internet - who'd have seen that coming, right? If you run a search for Star Citizen drama just on...

The Daily Grind: What’s the biggest scandal the MMORPG genre has ever seen?

Over the weekend in the Guild Wars 2 spyware article comments, a commenter remarked that Blizzard's Warden spyware was "the biggest scandal in MMOs"...

NeoGAF gaming forum goes offline after owner is accused of sexual harrassment

Long-running and popular video game forum NeoGAF went down virtually overnight this weekend following allegations of sexual harassment against the site's owner. A series of...
Same old story.

World of Warcraft Elysium emulator disbands, reforms under cloud of corruption

The drawn-out story of Project Elysium, one of the more notable World of Warcraft emulators that rose to prominence in the wake of last...