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Dungeons & Dragons Online offers a two-year season pass for $299

There was a time when lifetime subscriptions seemed like they were a bridge too far, but Dungeons & Dragons Online is breaking into new...
Oh, good crop of nightmares this year.

Dungeons & Dragons Online adds wood elves and cloaks with today’s update 40

Look out, Dungeons & Dragons Online players, there's some sort of fluttering piece of fabric chasing after you! We're just kidding, of course....
Well, there are woods. There might be an elf or two in there.

Check out the animations and look of Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Wood Elf

A new race added to an existing game like Dungeons & Dragons Online is a big deal, and it leaves players with lots of...
Well, there are woods. There might be an elf or two in there.

Dungeons & Dragons Online launches the Mists of Ravenloft

There's a chill in the air through December under normal circumstances, but the chill rushing through Dungeons & Dragons Online is unrelated to...

Dungeons & Dragons Online’s update 34 encourages you to not fear the Reaper (Difficulty)

Seasons don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain. You can be like they are, and considering the new...

Community manager: Turbine plans to bring Ravenloft to Dungeons & Dragons Online

There are a whole lot of different settings that have been explored over time in the tabletop version of Dungeons & Dragons, but

Dungeons & Dragons Online is working on new classic adventure modules

It's always nice to know the future plans for your favorite game, partly because it's just nice to know that the team isn't simply...

Dungeons & Dragons Online previews the named loot of its next update

The next update for Dungeons & Dragons Online is bringing along some powerful new named items. But are they powerful enough? Will anyone...

Get a video preview of Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Update 30

The truth of the matter is that you could jump onto the test server for Dungeons & Dragons Online right now and preview...

Dungeons & Dragons Online celebrates the Night Revels

Like so many other games in this season, Dungeons & Dragons Online is running an event celebrating the macabre, the scary, the spooky,...