early gameplay

Take an in-depth look at Destiny 2’s Endless Vale PvP map

It’s not going to blow your mind to find out that there’s going to be PvP in Destiny 2. Heck, it seems almost the norm for anything that is a shooter and has a console version. But even veterans of the original Destiny will find new things to appreciate with the PvP maps, and so you might as well catch up with a tour of the new Endless Vale map and the Control gameplay type.

There’s also a nice chunk of footage of the map being played with the Void Warlock and Sentinel Titan courtesy of IGN, so you’ll get to see the concepts behind the map and see them in action. All told, there’s a fair bit of footage, so while it may be safe for work you probably shouldn’t try to watch it all at once. Come back to it throughout the day.

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Check out nearly two hours of early gameplay from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

The footage you are going to see below is not the beta test for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. It’s not the alpha. It’s not the pre-alpha. It’s the pre-pre-alpha, and if you have strong opinions about test terminology in MMOs, that sentence alone might start an uncontrollable eye twitch. We apologize in advance. The important thing is that it’s gameplay footage, and a lot of it.

As this is very early on in the game’s testing, there’s a lot on display that likely will not be in the final game, and there are elements such as animations that are nowhere near finished. Still, gameplay footage of any sort is no doubt welcome for fans of the game. Check the full thing out just below.

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Overwatch shows off Zarya and Bastion gameplay in new videos

The early Overwatch gameplay videos continue moving through the cast with a robot that has the heart of a human and a woman with the heart of… well, still a human. But a very athletic human. It’s Bastion and Zarya’s turns in the hot seat, which should satisfy fans of heavy gravitational artillery and transforming robots alike.

Bastion shows off his ability to swap between modes to provide stationary defense or mobile harassment, while Zarya shows off her explosive shells and her party support. Check out both videos just below, and see whether either of these warriors looks like the sort of character you’d like to bring marching into combat.

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