easter 2023

Oh, awesome.

Neopets brings back the Festival of Neggs with quests, tarot cards, and item rewards all through April

Neopets is not a game that frequently pings on our radar - the last time it did it was being hacked and was staring...

World of Warcraft kicks off Noblegarden celebrations, removes throwback mechanic from new raid

The short but colorful World of Warcraft festival known as Noblegarden began today with egg hunts, achievements, and a "Noble" title to attain. New...

EverQuest II goes Beast’r egg hunting for one week only

It's no yolk, folks: EverQuest II's Beast'r Eggstrvaganza is back, and you're guaranteed to have a shell of a good time as long as...

Albion Online adds a vicious bunny mount for this year’s Rites of Spring event

Ready... set... loot! Albion Online reports that it's been infested once again with lots of extra eggs and chests, just waiting for the opportunist...

The rabbits are out to get you in New World (and vice-versa)

The rabbits are coming to get you in New World, Barbara -- so you best get out your biggest carrot and pray for the...

Dark Age of Camelot’s killer bunny returns, Wurm Online hides Easter baskets for subscribers

When the words "Harbinger of Spring" are read, most people would be forgiven for thinking pleasant, colorful, and sunny things. Maybe a faun wearing...

Dauntless patches in its Springtide celebration, a new weapon event, and bug fixes

Who's ready to protect some bunnies and go after some new golden claws? Players of Dauntless should be when the game's new patch goes...

Old School RuneScape celebrates Easter and opens new skill polls as Jagex accounts enters open beta

The Easter season is now available to Old School RuneScape players with this week's patch, and this year's event is a bit different thanks...

Trove kicks off the Easter season with the return of its egg-filled Bunfest event

The bright colors of the Easter holiday are landing in the (arguably) already colorful world of Trove today, as the Bunfest in-game event is...

RuneScape brings back its Easter-themed Spring Festival this week and preps the next Fort Forinthry quest

The spring season and its related holidays are in the air of RuneScape this week as the game's latest patch has brought back the...

Dauntless shares plans for more XP banking, early Springtide details, and the Silver Sword quest’s return

The devs of monster slaying multiplayer RPG Dauntless are hard at work on a variety of updates coming down the pike, which were shared...