E3 2017: How Wargaming is bringing accessibility to Total War: Arena (without dumbing it down)

Following up on its original Steam release by Creative Assembly, Wargaming semi-recently decided to help publish Total War: Arena and present it at E3 2017....

ECO explores climate change with the power of video games

If you're averse to politics, science, and education, you might want to give ECO wide berth. Otherwise, Strange Loop Games CEO John Krajewski hopes that...
It's cactUS, not cactYOU.

Eco delays its Alpha 5 update to October 24th

Eco's Alpha 5 brings in its comprehensive ecosystem mechanics, but as a result of polishing those mechanics, it's going to take a little longer...

ECO’s ecosystem will release October 5th

Total War: ArenaAn ecosystem is coming to ECO! Though if you consider the survival sandbox's name, that probably doesn't come as much of a surprise....

The newest ECO patch adds food, buildings, and power

ECO's alpha 4 update is now live, and boy is it a major patch for the upcoming sandbox. Several major systems have been added...
And I think to myself yadda yadda yadda.

ECO’s third alpha balances skill points and ecosystems

The second major update to ECO's alpha testing has arrived, and it brings along the game's skill point system. It's an early version of...

Exploring ‘The Video Game Debate’: Games and education

We've got some really smart commenters here at MassivelyOP, and I think they help keep the fiercer trolls away. But when Joystiq itself went under,...

Eco’s alpha was successful; here’s what’s next

Strange Loop says that Eco's alpha was a success, thanks mainly to lots of players giving the dev team "tons of feedback, suggestions, and...

Eco puts final pieces into place for its alpha release

The global survival game Eco is just a few short days away from opening the doors to crowdfunding backers for its alpha test, and...

Eco’s alpha starts on November 23

Eco will open itself up to alpha tier backers on November 23rd. So says the latest Strange Loop dev blog, while also mentioning the...
Show your work.

ECO finishes its account system, keeps moving toward alpha testing

Account systems are boring, but they're also pretty necessary for an online game. Sure, you only notice them when they're bad and/or obtrusive, but...
We say that the world isn't dying. For some reason.

ECO shows off its development progress as it heads toward alpha

ECO isn't ready for testing just yet, but Strange Loop Games is aiming to change that by the time the end of the month rolls...

World of Warships makes history come alive (and shoot you)

In honor of World of Warships' official launch today, we're celebrating what makes this naval combat game come alive. Previously, I explored the details and...

Eco finishes its Kickstarter with over $200,000 raised

Survival sandbox and learning environment Eco finished out its successful Kickstarter run overnight, raising $202,760 and just reaching its epic justice system stretch goal. Strange Loop Games' John...

Eco offers doomsday device Kickstarter tier, then pulls back from the brink

In the final hours of its successful Kickstarter campaign, the global survival sandbox Eco pulled out the big guns: a new tier that would allow...

Eco details its hydrology, pollution, crafting, and food systems

Eco's Kickstarter drive ends this week, and though Strange Loop Games has already made its goal and then some, the developer is continuing to...

Eco’s proposed death penalty doesn’t mess around

Eco, the global ecosystem survival game that recently blew through its $100,000 Kickstarter goal, has added a player-run criminal justice PvP system as a...

Eco as an academic tool: Educating with PvE survival and permadeath

Like the idea of survival games, but not PvP? Wish your class involved video games? Maybe you want to doom humanity to choking itself...
If you want to view paradise, etc.

Eco, a global ecosystem game, makes its Kickstarter goal

Good news, ecology fans: Eco made its Kickstarter target with 15 days left to go! Non-ecology fans can be excited, too, whether you're a big...

ECO boasts server-wide permadeath for failure

Individual character permadeath is so yesterday, right? An upcoming title, ECO, dares to think even bigger, proposing "server-wide permadeath" if players can't band together and...