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Project Gorgon is soon switching to Steam and restricting alpha access

With its successful Kickstarter campaign behind it, indie MMO Project Gorgon is forging ahead with plans to transition to Steam.

Elder Game sent out a letter to all backers this morning with a timetable regarding the team’s fall plans. The big announcement is that in a few weeks the alpha server will be closed to everyone except those who pledged funds. Previously, the game had been open to any and all who wanted to try it out. Following the server restriction, Gorgon will make the jump to Steam in late October and require players to access the game through that service.

The team said that there will be options available for fans to buy into the alpha or upgrade their pledge going forward, perhaps with PayPal. Additionally, a preview of the guild system is tentatively scheduled for the next update, which should be good news to the social structure of the game.

Source: Kickstarter, official forum. Thanks to Kanbe for the tip!


Project Gorgon might feature cow-only guilds

Project Gorgon’s Kickstarter still has 10 days to go, so the devs at Elder Game have published a new set of stretch goals. They include an ancient vampire curse, a new and unique animal form with specific abilities, and advanced guild features on top of those already planned. Said features include the addition of unique behavior requirements like “humans only, no vegetarians, no plate mail, or even an all-cow guild,” Elder Game says.

Other guild system upgrades include an optional hardcore mode, guild vendors, ritual magic secrets, and of course guild prestige levels.

Source: Kickstarter


The Daily Grind: How long did you spend in Project Gorgon’s tutorial?

I got sucked into Project Gorgon last night, and I spent over two hours wandering around the game’s tutorial cave. There’s a lot to see and do and learn, and that was before I picked up the autopsy skill and took a perverse sort of pleasure in examining every NPC corpse to see who had killed it and how they had killed it.

Plus, autopsy XP.

Anyway, one of these days I should probably get out of the tutorial cave, but there are some off-the-map areas that I haven’t explored yet, as well as some sort of scary boss that the game warned me not to engage without a group. What about you, MOP readers? Are you playing Project Gorgon, and if so, how long did you spend in the tutorial cave?

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