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Sunset World Online adds new secondary classes and controller support in latest update

At the top of March we reported on Sunset World Online, the re-launched version of the 2-D platforming MMORPG Element Quest that shuttered in...

Side-scrolling 2-D MMO Element Quest has relaunched as Sunset World Online

You'd be forgiven for having missed Element Quest, the 2-D platforming MMO inspired by MapleStory that released in November 2021 and then shut down...
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Betawatch: Star Citizen is in love with a Jumptown girl

Jumptown Girl, she's been living in her alpha world, It's gonna be revised more with tricks Beyond the state it's in in 3.16 - But that's a...

Element Quest is relaunching as Sunset World Online on March 1

Just in the last few weeks, we've been covering the rise and fall of Element Quest, an indie MapleStory-esque 2-D MMO that had rolled...

Element Quest is already sunsetting as devs lament a lack of players and funds

Well, damn: Element Quest, that cutesy MapleStory-esque MMO we covered last month, isn't gonna make it. Developer Musclebird announced on Steam last week that it's...

Grab an Element Quest promo code for some free cash shop cosmetics

Last week, we covered a new-to-us MMORPG called Element Quest. It's essentially a 2-D sidescrolling MMO with roguelike expedition content that reminded us of...

Element Quest is a side-scrolling MMO in the vein of Glitch and MapleStory

As we all know well, combining the elements of earth, water, fire, and air will summon either Captain Planet or a new 2D MMORPG...