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Impressions of Project Gorgon from an Asheron’s Call player

It’s finally time for me talk about Project Gorgon as a released product. As you might have guessed, I was avoiding the game prior to launch. I’ve spoken out against early access a lot and have realized that, at this point in my gaming/career, playing games I’m passionate too early can be a threat to both work and play. I wanted a relationship with PG, but I didn’t want to rush into anything pre-release. I wanted it as complete as possible.

MJ’s streamed it a bunch of times, including the day before launch. Eliot’s comments from his pre-release CMA feel spot on still post-release. However, as the resident old-man Asheron’s Call fan with a review copy, I think I can add a few comments about how Project Gorgon compares to AC1&2, plus how developer Eric Heimburg’s infused PG in AC-esque ways.

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Project Gorgon adds nature appreciation and flower arrangement

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the rumors were true: Flower arrangement has come to Project Gorgon, along with a related skill called nature appreciation. You can scoff at this “flower power” all you like, but it actually sounds as if picking daisies in the game will benefit the player greatly.

“Using flowers now requires a new skill called nature appreciation,” explained lead developer Eric Heimberg. “This was done because flowers are actually intended to be very important at high levels of play, and it didn’t make sense to gate their use on a different skill. Unfortunately that means in the short term you won’t be able to use your flowers until you level up this skill.”

This week’s patch fixed a metric ton of bugs, increased the ice magic cap to 60, and nerfed chicken egg production. Bummer if you were making omelettes. There has been a lot of other things added to Project Gorgon over the past couple months, and if you’d like a short and entertaining recap of these additions, check out Rogue Ocean Gaming’s video below!

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Project Gorgon toys with animal town and raffle machine

The crazy and cool ideas burbling out of Project Gorgon keep on coming, with Lead Developer Eric Heimburg taking to Twitter lately to tease some of the features that he’s creating.

One such idea? An animal town for players who have chosen the beast life.  “It will be a merry Christmas for cow and spider players in the next update… and possibly other animals, if I can work fast enough!” Heimberg posted. “Feature-creeping again… but I think the delay will be worth it, for animal players at least: ‘animal town’ is coming.”

Other concepts in development for Project Gorgon include a raffle machine and a vendomatic.

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Project Gorgon explains Steam delay

Earlier this year, Project Gorgon said that it would be releasing on Steam early access by the end of 2015. This isn’t going to happen, however, and the team wrote a new Kickstarter update to explain the reason for the delay.

“The Steam early access launch is probably our last major opportunity to earn money to improve our art,” Lead Developer Eric Heimburg said. “The Kickstarter money is more than enough to get the game to the finish line, but $75,000 can only buy so much art, no matter how cleverly we spend it. So the Steam launch will help determine how good the game can look.”

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