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GDC Summer, Dota 2’s The International, and Fortnite’s World Cup suffer fresh setbacks thanks to the pandemic

More bad news for gaming convention-goers and esports fans: Everything is canceled. OK, not everything, but a lot. And not canceled, but postponed or...

COVID-19 roundup: Rockstar and Jagex help save the UK’s National Videogame Museum and more

COVID-19 is still very much a thing in most of our staff's and readers' lives, and it's still very much impacting the games industry. A...

No, the Valorant influencers running all those stream giveaways aren’t being paid by Riot

We've talked before about how Valorant has been making big numbers on Twitch spurred mostly by beta keys being dished out for...
Heroes do actually die, but...

Overwatch honors a fan on the medical front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak

Overwatch esports has many fans, but the devs felt that some special mention should go towards one fan in particular, a woman by...

Riot Games outlines rules for Valorant esports competition including a ‘no blood’ toggle

With Valorant all over the gaming news recently and in the minds of a fair few (judging by the number of people

NASCAR driver botches yet another online iRacing esports event

It would appear that NASCAR drivers are no better than the worst esports gamers among us. An iRacing esports event with NASCAR drivers...

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace ragequits during an official esports racing event

So apparently NASCAR is hosting an esports event featuring real drivers in a simulated series of races in the racing sim title

COVID-19 roundup: Brick-and-mortar game store stupidity, ‘reimagined’ E3 2021, and Twitch’s new record

We're back once again with some more novel coronavirus news stories all bundled up for you in one place, and friends, we're going to...

COVID-19 roundup: Game platforms, pandemic sales, and the potential for a digital Gamescom

I think it's high time I took over one of these coronavirus roundup stories, wouldn't you agree? So allow me to offer yet another...

COVID-19 roundup: #PlayApartTogether, Blade & Soul perks, and Twitch Aid’s $2.7M charity raise

Welcome back to another quick roundup of pandemic-related MMO and gaming news. We'll start with the big one: The World Health Organization, which made...

Not So Massively: StarCraft II has quietly become Blizzard’s best-managed property

While I do think the studio's actions at BlizzCon are encouraging, it still feels weird heaping praise on Blizzard right now. But...

Former Blizzard, Twitch, and Riot bosses pour money into Rally Cry esports

Following the exit of Mike Morhaime from Blizzard Entertainment last year - in a year when Blizzard found multiple ways to light itself...
Haha whoops.

Coronavirus roundup: Blizzard, free APB Reloaded, EA esports, HPWU, and how your PC can help humans win

Feel pretty surreal to be reporting on a global crisis like the coronavirus in our indie pages here on MOP, but it affects everyone...

Coronavirus leads to E3’s cancellation, plus SMITE and Pokemon Go postpone events

Update: The ESA has now made it official. We've included the press release at the end of this article. If you thought it was strange...
I blew things up!

Coronavirus concerns cancel SXSW, Minecraft Festival, and several FIFA 20 and Apex Legends esports events

The spreading novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 has once more seen a number of gaming-related events cancelled or otherwise postponed. First off is the collective...

CSGO esports set a new online viewership record thanks to quarantine

While the final competition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 didn't exactly draw a huge physical crowd owing to a...
Less than punchy.

Rumor: Riot’s ‘Project A’ CSGO-clone is probably called Valorant

You guys ever notice how every time there's a bad headline about the Riot lawsuits, there's a new Riot leak? Probably total coincidence....
Fair fights.

CCP Games just canceled April’s EVE Fanfest over coronavirus concerns

Yesterday, we wrote about ongoing discussions in the EVE Online community about the safety and wisdom in attending EVE Fanfest, then set...

SMITE discusses changes coming to its seventh esports season, previews Loki rework

SMITE esports has been going strong for six seasons now, and season seven is looking to make a number of changes to schedules,...

Massively Overthinking: How essential are hardcore gamers to an MMO’s health?

Last week, there was a positively eyebrow-raising thread on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit that tied neatly into the overall MMORPG meta discussion...