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Official Site: EverQuest II
Studio: SOE, now Daybreak Game Company
Launch Date: November 9, 2004
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

The Stream Team: High-speed Heritage Questing in EverQuest II

Have you been missing EverQuest Two-sday? Well, it’s back! And there are so many different adventures MassivelyOP’s MJ wants to get to before the progression servers open up. Tonight she’ll focus on more high-level Heritage Quests; the question is, how fast can she do them? Can she start and finish one all in one go, or could she possibly even hit up two? Tune in live at 9:00 p.m. to see some speed questing; you can even join and complete the HQs as well.

What: EverQuest II
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

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EverQuest II’s progression servers launch on July 21st

Norrathians eager to start life from the beginning again on EverQuest II’s upcoming time-locked servers have only one more week to wait. Producer Holly Longdale revealed at E3 2015 that both the PvE and the PvP versions of these progression servers are scheduled to open their doors on July 21st. While the lack of the racial suburbs and such won’t offer a true beginning experience (a true disappointment to many), it is an opportunity for everyone to start off on the same footing, making crafting and the economy vital again while setting the stage for a close-knit community as it moves through the game together.

The progression servers will be available to All Access members. Will you be on Stormhold (PvE) or Deathtoll (PvP) come Tuesday? Let us know!


Earn new EverQuest and Landmark rewards with the EQ Worlds app

It might be time to dig out that mostly-forgotten EverQuest Worlds mobile app, especially if you’ve been playing one of Daybreak’s fantasy titles. The studio announced that it’s not only added a few new features, but new MMO rewards that can be earned by beating the content.

A recent update added in a minigame, trivia game, and a questline. The minigame doles out a Visage of Farfathom illusion for EverQuest, the trivia game rewards a hot pink flight suit for Landmark, and the questline bestows a Stewie the Stirge bat pet for EverQuest II.

So… is hot pink your color?

Source: Landmark


EverQuest II begins testing its new progression servers

Will EverQuest II’s new progression servers prove to be the popular gathering spot that EverQuest’s was earlier this summer? We will soon find out, as testing has already commenced on the project.

These time-locked expansion servers are currently available to beta test, although players are required to be all-access members to roll up new characters. There are two servers from which to choose: Stormhold for PvE and Deathtoll for PvP.

Daybreak cautions players that it will wipe all progress at the end (and perhaps middle) of the beta and that the studio will be testing a login queue system during this period as well. If you’re interested in giving the progression servers an early try, you’ll want to read up on the instructions to learn how to join in on the fun.

Source: EverQuest II


One Shots: Impossible architecture

When you construct your buildings out of pixels and polygons, you don’t necessarily have to worry about what’s physically possible and what isn’t, just what looks interesting and believable. I always check out the structures that developers come up with because there are always artistic architectural details that often go unnoticed.

Reader Zepheera saw something special in this Dungeons and Dragons Online view: “I’ve always loved the way the enchanted pylons float under the harbor inn. It’s subtle magic; there’s practicality, though it’s more for effect and might escape someone’s notice the first time. It makes me think if I could really be a wizard, I might go into city planning.”

Wizard city planners. That’d be awesome.

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E3 2015: Holly Longdale on the EverQuest franchise’s progression servers

Progression servers are definitely a hot topic in the EverQuest franchise right now. EverQuest recently opened up a new one for those nostalgic for the original version of the original game (and then quickly had to open another to handle the load!), and now EverQuest II has announced that both PvE and PvP time-locked servers are in the works (beta starts July 7th). It’s definitely an exciting time for players who yearn for the simpler days, who want to travel back and experience the games before the years and years of expansions and flooded each Norrath with so much more content.

However, even positive news is not without its negatives. While there are some concrete benefits to these servers, there are also some downsides. I sat down with Producer Holly Longdale to discuss the status of the progression servers, from the things that make you go whoa to the woes that plague them.
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Ask Mo: If Star Wars Galaxies is so smart, why ain’t it rich?

Star Wars Galaxies would have been 12 years old this week, had it lived a day past Star Wars: The Old Republic. That makes this the perfect time to dig up and try to answer an old email from longtime Massively OP reader Hagu the Pally in this week’s Ask Mo.

Why did SWG have so little influence on games and developers? A recent comment was, “There is not a lot of evidence that SWG had significant impact on anything in MMOs. Is it even hyperbole to say Meridian 59 influenced MMOs more than SWG?”

As a crafter, I read so many people who loved the crafting. It’s famous. Yet “all” the subsequent developers and games have not even tried; not pale imitations, they just didn’t seem to go that way at all. Same for entertainers. etc.

One can say WoW does raiding and SWTOR does story better than other MMOs, but the other games do attempt them. If people listed their top SWG features, how many were copied by other games? I can think of the EQ, EQ2, WoW, GW2, RIFT, EVE (PLEX-like is an adjective for reviewers) features that seemed to have influenced other games.

Am I just ignorant of a lot of ways SWG changed the world? Why did such a seminal game that resonated so passionately with some people not have more downstream impact?

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The Stream Team: Ode to EverQuest II’s past and future

Even though MassivelyOP’s MJ adores EverQuest II now, she’s looking forward to jumping into the upcoming progression servers herself and starting life over from scratch. After all, she occasionally gets paralyzed by how much there is to do after 10 years, so going back to a simpler time will be liberating! And although she can’t yet divulge them yet, she knows there are certain surprises awaiting players when the progression servers launch, and they have her even more excited. Join us live at 9:00 p.m. in game and in chat to share your favorite EQII memories and discuss the implementation of progression servers.

What: EverQuest II
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

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EverQuest II adds fabled Echoes of Faydwer zones, talks expansion servers

EverQuest 2 is releasing a handful of Fabled Echoes of Faydwer zones today. The Acadechism, The Court of Innovation, and the Crypt of Valdoon are now available in both heroic and advanced solo modes, and the Fabled Freethinker Hideout raid zone has been released in both normal and challenge flavors.

Daybreak is adding new collections for the new fabled zones, and today’s posting also looks at itemization in the new areas. There’s more, too, including information on the Erollisi Marr deity quest line that’s scheduled for early July, as well as updates on the upcoming time-locked expansion servers “which are hopefully just around the corner.”


EverQuest II outlines plans for new timelocked servers

It’s hard to deny that there was a definite appeal to EverQuest‘s progression server when it first came out. So the EverQuest II team is also doing the time warp again by adding in PvP and PvE timelocked servers, new servers that start off with the base game and slowly add more expansion content over time. It’s a chance to experience the past all over again without the benefit of a multidirectional time machine.

If the idea of these servers appeals to you, do note that they’re available only for all access members, so you’ll need to subscribe in order to take part. (Also the way things used to be.) Check out the official announcement for all the details if you’re excited or just curious, and get ready to go back in time.


EverQuest 2 will merge servers ‘within the next few months’

EverQuest 2 producer Holly Longdale says that Daybreak will merge US servers on the long-running fantasy MMO “within the next few months.”

She says that merges are quite challenging, but fortunately they’re also semi-related to the dev team’s ongoing cross-server dungeon work. Additionally, the database changes completed by Daybreak’s coders earlier this year laid a solid foundation. Longdale says that international server merges are a possibility once the US shards are squared away, but there are no specific dates for either initiative.


One Shots: Bagpipes in the woods

I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of bagpipe music, although I do harbor a certain fascination for any musical instrument that looks like the innards of a monster. Still, how often do you see bagpipes in MMOs? I’ve spied them only in Lord of the Rings Online, and there only rarely.

Reader Ratstew took this photogenic shot of his character bleating out a jam in the middle of the woods: “This is one of my LOTRO favorites, though of course I have hundreds more I could fill your mailbox with. It’s like potato chips — can’t take just one!”

Will you be able to look at only one picture after the break? I doubt it!

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The MMO industry mourns the passing of Christopher Lee

If you haven’t heard the news already, then we’re sorry to report that Star Wars and Lord of the Rings actor Christopher Lee has died at age 93. He was certainly a mesmerizing personality on screen, particularly as a villain.

One of Lee’s roles was doing the voice work for EverQuest II faction leader Lucan D’Lere. Former EQII lead Scott Hartsman mentioned this in his condolences on Twitter: “Very sad. An amazing talent. We were lucky to have him voice a main character in EQ2. Added a ton of class.”

Lord of the Rings Online posted a picture of Lee as Saruman from the films, saying, “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Christopher Lee today. He will be missed.”

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