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Path of Exile updates players on Ascendancy release dates and staffing changes

In a development that will no doubt shock and confuse many of our readers, January is almost over. If you're a Path of...
Somewhere, across the sea, somewhere.

Wisdom of Nym: The next stop on Final Fantasy XIV’s magical expansion tour

The next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV will be announced this year. We all know it. I suppose there's a chance it won't...
It's almost like getting what you were promised, only exactly not.

Sword Coast Legends postpones free update in favor of Rage of Demons expansions

Development schedules are tricky things. From the outside it's easy to look at them as promises, contracts made between players and developers, but in...
At last, good stuff.

EverQuest II’s time-locked expansion servers reach the Kingdom of the Sky

Get ready for another expansion in EverQuest II on the game's time-locked expansion servers! Players voted to move the timeline along once again,...
My track record has been pretty good!

Wisdom of Nym: Speculating on Final Fantasy XIV’s 2016

I have high hopes for 2016. Higher hopes than I did for 2015, at least. 2015 also started out with my being fired for...
Here we go again.

Wisdom of Nym: Looking back at Final Fantasy XIV’s 2015

I realize that this is arguably a little early. We've still got a couple of weeks left in 2015, after all, and patch 3.15...
Aw yus.

WoW Factor: Legion testing is an exercise in absurd decisions

One of my favorite bits from The Office is when Michael is having his budget explained to him. You don't need to know the...

WoW Factor: The look of the Legion class previews

Last week was a pretty fun ride, I have to say. Leaving aside everything else we had to chew on after a weekend's worth...
Now if it were UnderTALE you might have something.

Neverwinter’s Underdark is available now, Astral Diamond economy is being examined

As of today, Neverwinter players are going underground. Not in the sense that they're becoming very obscure, but in the sense that the...
It's coincidence that the last three expansions have spoken to the exact same vanishingly small portion of the playerbase.

World of Warcraft celebrates 11 years of operation

Whether your opinions on World of Warcraft are positive or negative, you can't deny that reaching 11 years of operation is quite the...

World of Warcraft outlines the changes coming to Monk

Monks are the only baseline class that's been added to World of Warcraft since the game's launch - two hero classes have been...
It also featured fewer Dwarven Shaman, simply because the WIldhammer just did their own things.

World of Warcraft outlines the changes coming to Shaman and Warrior in Legion

Big changes are coming to every single class in World of Warcraft when the next expansion goes live. The official site has already...
Why did you let me down so bad.

World of Warcraft outlines the Death Knight changes coming in Legion

The next World of Warcraft expansion is adding the game's second hero class to the lineup, but that doesn't mean the first one...

The Daily Grind: Did BlizzCon deliver on your expectations?

It's not exactly a stretch to say that Blizzard Entertainment casts a long shadow over the field of online gaming. World of...
Just whenever you get around to us, it's cool.

World of Warcraft: Legion overview panel recap

There's an expansion in the works for World of Warcraft. That's not news. It's the details of that expansion that fans have been...
Prepare to be prepared!

Path of Exile announces that it will soon be making announcements about its next expansion

Good news, Path of Exile fans: The next expansion for the game hasn't been announced, but it has been announced that it's...
When it comes.

WoW Factor: What WoW Legion needs from BlizzCon

It's go time tomorrow: BlizzCon is almost here, and I'm going to be liveblogging my way through most of the event. And boy, it's coming...
You guys are still here?

Destiny has 25 million registered users

The news from the most recent Activision financial report was not rosy for all online gaming fans, but it looks quite positive...
Straight outta wherever.

Take a look at EverQuest II’s City of Maldura zone preview

Fantasy cities manage to have far more intense problems than real-world cities. Sure, there are plenty of real-world cities with crime problems, but how...
Today's mission is to wander around on the Brain Slug planet without a helmet.

EverQuest II previews the Thalumbra region

The next expansion for EverQuest II is leading players into a tourist trap. Not in the sense that it's filled with overpriced stores...