EVE Online’s Depths of the Abyss is live as CCP updates policies and World War Bee 2 endures

EVE Online has lots going on this week, from patches to policies to drama. Let's dig in: First, this week's patch, Depths of the...

RuneScape assumes responsibility for the oddment ‘exploit,’ discusses Penguin Hide and Seek rework

Yesterday saw the devs of RuneScape offer up another weekly livestream about a rework to Penguin Hide and Seek, but before it launched in...

Path of Exile’s Heist expansion will launch on Mac with full crossplay

What's better than getting a new Path of Exile league? If you are a Mac user, it's getting the game on your favored operating...

Path of Exile’s Heist expansion lets players infiltrate Rogue Harbor on September 18

Are you tormented by the unrequited desire of executing a daring caper, perhaps pilfering a rare antique or infiltrating a secure vault, all because...

Jagex backpedals slightly on a RuneScape ban wave related to Treasure Hunter keys and oddments

Last Monday, RuneScape developer Jagex issued an announcement regarding actions taken against player accounts who were found to be cashing out items to receive...
GTA Online

Rockstar wipes out characters caught using a money exploit, sending cheaters in to a rage

You would think that the instruction -- either direct or inherent -- to not cheat in a game would be common sense, but as...

Conan Exiles adjusts avatars and followers in console patches, moves on to PC

Usually in multi-platform MMOs, the PC version is the first to get updated and consoles follow shortly after (likely thanks to the differing certification...
I send-a the calzone into space! I don't pay-a the taxes! Oh!

Fallout 76 addresses the CAMP system uproar, says it’s working on a solution

Yesterday, we covered the "colossal problem" patch in Fallout 76 that caused the entire subreddit to melt down in fury over changes and bugs...

PlanetSide 2 is finally nerfing the Firestorm implant in today’s update

Daybreak's Rogue Planet Games is rolling out an update for PlanetSide 2 this morning, focused on tweaks to the Firestorm implant that effectively nerf...

The Daily Grind: How should MMORPGs handle duping scandals?

The title for today's Daily Grind isn't exactly what you think it is, so consider this a trick to see who read the whole...
I'm going to master letting this play instead of me.

WoW Classic sees another 40,000 accounts banned for botting and RMT as cases surge

The war against the hungry bot horde continues in WoW Classic. Shortly after Blizzard gave 74,000 accounts the boot, the devs have once again...

New UK parliament report recommends regulation of lockboxes as gambling

Remember last month when UK lawmakers started making fresh noise about classifying lockboxes/lootboxes as gambling to protect children following multiple reports and surveys on...
I'm on a boat.

World of Warcraft brings back Single-Minded Fury in Shadowlands

All of you who play Warriors in World of Warcraft and like to be in the class of characters who flip out and break...

Elite Dangerous plans Fleet Carriers launch for June 9, with bug fixes and mining balances along the way

Elite Dangerous' Fleet Carriers may have been delayed from last year, but the update is on track now: Frontier formalized a June 9th launch...

XLGAMES and Gamigo say paid DLC will make up for ‘deficiencies’ in ArcheAge Unchained’s launch

It would seem that XLGAMES and Gamigo are going with the "set off an explosion" approach to dousing community fires. As we reported last...

Bless Unleashed offers apologies and goodies for Estate bugs and erroneous account bans

The devs of Bless Unleashed have written up a mea culpa regarding exploitation of the game's Estate system and the team's apparently overzealous wave...

Last Oasis tackles zerging mitigation, performance, and private servers

The devs of survival sandbox Last Oasis are hard at work on the next update, which should be arriving later this week, but in...

MMO Business Roundup: Warcraft modding, Valve source code leaks, and Nvidia goes good

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO (and MMO-adjacent) industry news! Warcraft modding: Polygon has an interesting explainer up on Blizzard's recent changes to its...

Riot Games defends Valorant’s Vanguard security driver, offers a $100k bounty to exploit it

Last week, Riot Games unveiled that their in-development competitive FPS Valorant runs an anti-cheat process in the background of player systems, which caused no...
Donkeys cannot use horse gear.

Black Desert’s guild event gets exploited all up in its face

When there's a will, there's a way. And when the devs overlook something that can be abused, there's an exploit waiting to happen. Black Desert's...