The Stream Team: Revisiting red drops after an ARK boot camp

While trying to storm a red drop on ARK's Extinction server, Massively OP's MJ and her team discovered that the army of dinos could...

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Massively OP's MJ has already gotten up close and personal with ARK: Extinction's forest titan. Now it's time to meet the rest of the...

The Stream Team: Seeing red (drops) in ARK

Massively OP's MJ is seeing red! At least she hopes to: She's seeking out those powerful red drops in ARK: Extinction. Although it's sure...

The Stream Team: The Love ARK

Love, exciting and new Come to ARK, Dinos are expecting too! And love, with babies galore Raise them up, and then breed some more The Love ARK, soon...

The Stream Team: Deep-diving ARK Extinction’s green cave, part II

Last week, Massively OP's MJ and the crew delved into ARK: Extinction's green cave. Except, it was eerily empty and quiet for most of...

The Stream Team: Going to the green cave in ARK’s Extinction

The green cave. It's an interesting little death trap on ARK's Extintion server, and Massively OP's MJ can't wait to explore it! Her team...

The Stream Team: Raiding ARK: Extinctions drops

Drops on ARK: Extinction are quite different than on any of the other maps. Instead of a floating box gracefully descending for a survivor...

The Survivalist: ARK’s Extinction makes bases extinct

It had to be too good to last! We were all pretty shocked when Studio WildCard actually launched ARK's newest expansion on the right...

The Stream Team: ARK Extinction on ice

You've heard of the Thunderdome? ARK: Extinction has the ice dome. Well, it has two domes, but Massively OP's MJ loves ice and snow....

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Who wants to wait for Saturday to check out ARK's new Extinction expansion when it launched last night? Not Massively OP's MJ! So she's...

ARK: Extinction launches today with a free week of Survival Evolved

With the lack of fanfare leading up to today, you might have thought that Studio WildCard delayed the launch of ARK's third expansion, Extinction....

ARK Survival Evolved promises Extinction expansion for November 6

Exctinction is coming! Wait, that's a bad thing... unless you're a player of ARK Survival Evolved, where Extinction is just the name of the...