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The Stream Team: A charge at the crown in Fall Guys

It's time once again for MOP's Chris to run the gauntlet! That can only mean one thing: It's Fall Guys time! Join him today...

The Stream Team: Running through the Fall Guys gauntlet

MOP's Chris is once again on his way into Fall Guys as he looks to the horizon and a possible win! Or at the...

The Stream Team: Combing through player-crafted courses in Fall Guys

A new season of Fall Guys is upon us and it brings something new to the table: creative mode! That means it's time once...

Fall Guys Season 4 arrives May 10 with tools that let players build their own obstacle courses

It sure did feel like Season 3 of Fall Guys went on forever, didn't it? Well we can now all venture a guess as...

Fall Guys’ multi-platform free-to-play launch causes the servers to take another temporary stumble

As readers will recall, Fall Guys officially arrived to multiple platforms, including consoles, and did so with a free-to-play business model yesterday. So just...

Fall Guys season 5 welcomes you to the jungle on July 20

Starting tomorrow, July 20th, the multiplayer obstacle course royale of Fall Guys is trading in its '80s neon for sweltering jungles with the game's...

Fall Guys Season 3 adds new wintry costumes, new obstacle courses, and Crown Ranks on December 15

There's a snow storm coming, with slippery ice, lots of snow, and a number of plush hazards meant to bat you aside. It's winter...

Fall Guys season two brings medieval fantasy-themed costumes and rounds on October 8

The phenomenon battle royale title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is about to get medieval on its players. While that certainly can be taken literally...

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout’s launch day initially trips and falls, gets back up to big numbers

This is pretty much a "water is wet" sort of story, especially for those of us who have seen messy MMO and online game...

First impressions: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game for people who hate battle royale games

Is anyone here familiar with Wipeout? It was an obstacle course game show where contestants had to avoid some pretty plush yet hard-hitting goofy...