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Amazon posts and retracts a July 2018 release date for Fallout 76

This past week’s announcement of Fallout 76 — Bethesda’s newest entry in the post-apocalyptic series — has just about everyone in the gaming community buzzing. And while we’re sure to hear more about this at E3, one vital piece of information may have already been leaked: the release date.

When Amazon posted the game’s pre-order page, it initially listed the game as releasing by July 31st, 2018. That date has since been changed to “on or before December 31st, 2019,” but there are some that wonder if Amazon might know a thing or two that we don’t. After all, Bethesda has said that it wants to drastically shorten the time between game announcements and releases. Another theory is that the multiple Halloween references in the teaser video point to an October launch.

Fallout 76 is retailing for $60, although you may want to wait until E3 (June 12th through 14th) to find out more (including a documentary on the making of the game!). We do know that it takes place long before the last couple of entries in the franchise and has some sort of online multiplayer component. Rumor is that it’s a survival sandbox of some sort. Your thoughts?

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Leaderboard: What type of multiplayer do you think Fallout 76 will have?

After what was nearly an interminable teaser stream, Bethsoft finally announced this morning that it’s working on Fallout 76, another entry in a beloved franchise and another chance to trot out retro-futurist Pip-Boy iconography. At first, I shrugged – it’s neat, and a lot of us will buy it, but seeing as how Fallout is traditionally a single-player sandbox RPG, it’s not something we’d normally cover.

But then the rumors started flying. Kotaku floated the claim that it’s an “online game of some sort.” Polygon said it “heard the game will feature multiplayer.” The Twitterverse is chirping about battle royale. Nobody seems to know (or be allowed to say) for sure, and barring leaks, it’ll be another week and change until Bethsoft spills its post-apoc can o’ beans. [Update: Kotaku has another piece out since this one went live, with anonymous sources claiming it’s an online post-apoc survival game a la RUST and DayZ.]

So why not speculate? What type of multiplayer do you think Fallout 76 will have? Are you spotting any clues in the trailer? Place your bets – and yes, you get multiple choices here.

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