New World backs off plan to test 40v40 wars thanks to player feedback

Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it was considering major changes to New World's large-scale wars. On the test server was a revision that...
No time to analyze the situation, too much forging ahead making things worse to do!

World of Warcraft introduces its community council forums

So remember when Blizzard announced that it was starting a community council for World of Warcraft that would hand-picked by Blizzard directly to represent...
I'm on an angry.

The Soapbox: PvP MMOs desperately need PvE-style feedback loops

As I settled into my captain's chair for my evening visit to World of Warships the other night, I had an interesting experience. In...
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World of Warcraft is sending surveys to unsubscribed players for feedback

It's hard to be certain that this is unprecedented, but it's certainly unusual for World of Warcraft. A former player has posted on Reddit...
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Valve’s Artifact is delaying and cropping its public beta

Sometimes, shortening beta periods is a good sign. Sometimes delays on beta are... well, perhaps not a good sign, but just a necessary one....

EVE Evolved: A matter of balance in EVE Online

Throughout its almost 15-year lifetime, EVE Online has walked a fine line between developing new features and iterating on existing gameplay. Development has to...
This didn't work out all right.

The Repopulation wants you to talk about how you like to play

How do you like to play video games? Specifically, how do you like to play The Repopulation? No, you don't have to tell us,...
We listen.

Star Wars: The Old Republic explains how the developers listen to community feedback

Feedback is important for every MMO, and that includes Star Wars: The Old Republic. But where does feedback come from? If the developers never...
Boys and girls in cars, dogs and cats on lawns - from up here I can see them all.

Valiance Online asks its fans what’s the most important part of a superheroic MMO

What makes for a great superheroic MMO? What are the most important aspects of the game to consider? The developers behind Valiance Online obviously...
hooray sorta

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs have the best combat feedback?

I'm quite fond of 20XX, but I really hate the upgrades you can pick up in the game that eliminate hit stun. Sure, it...

The Daily Grind: Has an MMO dev ever incorporated your feedback?

In the comments of my last Daily Grind on bad newbie advice, Massively OP commenter Veldan noted that while he agreed ragequitting was a...
Wow, this open-pvp gankbox has a dearth of players? This is my shocked face.

The Exiled puts forth its plans for dealing with feedback

The last few weeks for The Exiled (the game formerly known as Das Tal) have provided the developers with a lot of feedback. Plenty of...
She's on vacation.

Marvel Heroes’ frustration over Emma Frost feedback

The problem with getting feedback from a game's community is that sometimes the community's passion overrides the desire for useful feedback. That's part of...
The most something game.

Studio Wildcard creative director cautions against using Early Access as a funding method

Early access has become a bit part of the gaming landscape over the past few years, with many games launching into it. ARK: Survival...
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Offer your feedback on Skyforge in a new survey

As Skyforge ramps up for its next closed beta test, the developers are eager to know what can be done to make the game...

Star Citizen developers respond to feedback on Rental Equipment Credits

When Star Citizen recently announced its plans to sell temporary rental equipment this week, the online response was pretty mixed. While most backers seemed...

What do you think about WildStar’s capital cities?

What do you think about WildStar's two capital cities? Do you love or hate them? What do you think could be improved in them?...