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Indie sandbox Sacrament heads to Kickstarter next week

Indie jack-of-all-trades sandbox Sacrament is planning a Kickstarter for March 16th, according to its recent podcast. Ferocity Unbound Core Studios developers Steeldeal, Layenem,...

Indie MMORPG Sacrament releases landscape flyover video

Remember Sacrament, the ultra-difficult, jack-of-all-trades MMORPG by indie dev Ferocity Unbound Core Studios? In apparent cooperation with the studio, YouTube channel OP Game...

Sacrament splits its game world up by tiers, introduces the Sniper

The "jack of all trades" indie MMO Sacrament is still in its design docs stage, occasionally releasing batches of information and concept...
In today's installment of non-surprises.

Sacrament looking to build an indie MMO with community involvement

If there's an overarching theme to the information that's been posted thus far for Sacrament, it's that the designers clearly want it to...