ffxiv patch 3.3

'Problem' is not a synonym for 'thing I personally don't like.'

Wisdom of Nym: An examination of Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.3

With patch 3.3 on the live servers, the next few months are going to be the best time to be playing Final Fantasy...
Spider lady.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.3 is out now

If you were looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV's patch today as your chance to own a house in the game, the bad...
Among the spires.

Wisdom of Nym: Taking on the Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.3 notes

I really hope you got anything you wanted done before Final Fantasy XIV's patch finished up yesterday because the game is down all...

Final Fantasy XIV 3.3 patch notes include raid finder, materia melding NPCs

Today is not the day for players to actually take on the new challenges present in Final Fantasy XIV's next major patch. That'll...

Final Fantasy XIV unveils its trailer for patch 3.3

You've heard about everything that's coming with Final Fantasy XIV's next major patch. The Final Steps of Faith. The Weeping City of Mhach....
It's coming down.

Final Fantasy XIV previews the Weeping City and the Final Steps of Faith

The story of Final Fantasy XIV's current expansion began on the Steps of Faith that lead into Ishgard, marking the start of a...
All right, this one did have some pretty annoying moments.

Final Fantasy XIV previews the story and dungeons of patch 3.3

The Dragonsong War is coming to a close, but it will not do so without more blood shed. Final Fantasy XIV players have...