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Not quite.

Wisdom of Nym: Why subjobs wouldn’t work with Final Fantasy XIV

I would say that I don't mention my affection for Final Fantasy XI often enough, but the fact is that I mention it...

One Shots: Chocobo chocobo revolution

Stop it, Final Fantasy XIV. Just... stop it already. Stop being so ridiculously pretty! I don't need readers constantly shoving this game's drool-worthy art...
Here we go again.

Final Fantasy XIV offers up its trailer for Prelude in Violet

Be fairly warned that the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.4, Prelude in Violet, will not answer all of your questions about...

Final Fantasy XIV introduces paid features on its mobile companion app

Do you want to be able to buy and sell items in Final Fantasy XIV while you're on the go or just talk...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 185: PAX West crud

Larry, Justin, and Bree talk PAX West, Elder Scrolls Online, Rend, Dauntless, Torchlight Frontiers, Blades, Neverwinter, Anthem, Star Citizen, Runes of Magic, Wizard101, FFXIV, PlanetSide 2, SWTOR, WoW, and Star Wars Galaxies, with a mailbag email on how MMOs can facilitate roleplaying.
I am not throwing away my shot.

Wisdom of Nym: What we learned in Final Fantasy XIV’s anniversary letter

I appreciate the fact that we did not get a comprehensive picture of the next patch's story with this particular live letter. Yes, the...

Vague Patch Notes: Casual no longer means anything in MMOs

Every time I see someone write something about casual players - including me because heavens know I've done it too - I feel a...
It looks nice.

Final Fantasy XIV shows off more of the Arboretum hard mode

There are two dungeons arriving in Final Fantasy XIV with patch 4.4, and it seems more or less inevitable that one of them...

Massively Overthinking: What’s your favorite MMORPG swag of all time?

In a conversation about the recent Starflight 3 Fig campaign - which you won't see covered here since it's not multiplayer, but let...
All right, let's spin our wheels for a bit now.

Final Fantasy XIV launches its special site for patch 4.4

You know a Final Fantasy XIV patch is approaching when a special site for the patch goes live, and lo! Here's the...
Oh no tentacles.

Final Fantasy XIV outlines its 14-hour anniversary broadcast plans

It's another anniversary for Final Fantasy XIV, and that means many components to the annual anniversary celebration, including a 14-hour long broadcast starring...
March out of the light.

Rumor: The next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is named Shadowbringers

Take this with a grain of salt, but it does appear that we've uncovered the title of the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion....

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV hits the big five-year mark

Game anniversaries are a little weird. The anniversary we're celebrating now for Final Fantasy XIV is from its relaunch, not its original launch....
With a bullet.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Michael-Christopher Koji Fox talks about working on A Realm Reborn

There are lots of people who know what it's like to work on a game that is not going to be very good. There...

Final Fantasy XIV explains tomestone changes to avoid any misunderstanding

The invisible touch of market forces is hitting Final Fantasy XIV with patch 4.4, and Allagan Tomestones of Mendacity will no longer be...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 183: Battle for Battle for Azeroth

Eliot, Justin, and Bree discuss WoW Battle for Azeroth, Fallout 76, WildStar, NCsoft, Ashes of Creation, MMO Kickstarters, FFXIV, and SWG, with more haiku and mailbag entry on rating WoW for kids.
It's that time.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s weekly caps and whether they’re useful

One of the elements of Final Fantasy XIV that has remained remarkably uniform throughout the game's history is how Allagan Tomestones work. Aside...
Oh no tentacles.

Final Fantasy XIV prepares for another return of the Rising

Every year, the residents of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV gather up to think back to the end of the world as part...

The MOP Up: Warface heads to PlayStation 4 (August 19, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
Buy some land, buy some land.

Mortgage company analyzes the price differences between video game housing, including Final Fantasy XIV

How much is your house worth in The Sims 4? Obviously, the game attaches a value to it, but that's just game terms and...