final fantasy xi

Official Site: Final Fantasy XI
Studio: Square Enix
Launch Date: May 16, 2002 (in de facto maintenance mode as of November 10, 2015)
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Subscription
Platform: PC, PS2, Xbox 360

Dance Dance San d'Orialution

Final Fantasy XI updates with the newest chapter of the Voracious Resurgence

Sinister rumors! Ancient prophecies! A dignified and serious soldier dancing! That last one might sound a little out of left field for Final Fantasy XI,...
This is not a doll.

Final Fantasy XI previews more Voracious Resurgence and Odyssey content coming in February

If you thought that after the last round of content in Sheol: Gaol in Final Fantasy XI you weren't being sufficiently challenged, the game's February...
It's a tiny little sprout thing. It might kill you.

Final Fantasy XI asks players to find love for man and beast alike on Valentine’s Day

Yes, it's almost time for Valentine's Day - or, as it's known in Final Fantasy XI, Valentione's Day - and that means the joy...
They're big, you see.

Final Fantasy XI preps for big campaigns in early February

The next major update for Final Fantasy XI is due in early February, with more Voracious Resurgence content along with Odyssey updates. But why stop...

Final Fantasy XI adds new Odyssey bosses for weapon upgrades

Another version update has arrived to Final Fantasy XI, and it brings with it a new chance to upgrade your weapons! Yes, you can make...
Like a boss.

Final Fantasy XI is adding new boss areas to Odyssey in January

The January version update for Final Fantasy XI approaches, and it's adding some boss new content. Wait, sorry, that was out of order; it's adding some new...
It continues.

Final Fantasy XI promises more story and more character growth for 2021

It's the new year around the world, and Final Fantasy XI producer Akihiko Matsui has rung in the new year with a letter to...

Winter holiday events around the MMO universe, 2020 edition

Ho ho ho, it's Santa's younger brother Derrick here to do all of the jobs that Nick can't be bothered with this holiday season!...

Rumor: Nexon’s Final Fantasy XI mobile remake has been cancelled

It looks as if the sun has finally set on the never-materialized mobile remake of Final Fantasy XI, as Korean site MTN is reporting that...

Massively Overthinking: The best and worst MMO developer quotes of 2020

We have a fun end-of-the-year tradition on MOP to recap the best and worst MMO developer quotes of the year. In fact, I keep...
It continues.

Final Fantasy XI brings out new story and new Ambuscade foes with its latest update

Enjoying the Voracious Resurgence storyline in Final Fantasy XI, either for the story itself or just because it's more story content when the game seemed...
The hardest part.

Final Fantasy XI details its Starlight celebrations starting on December 16

Final Fantasy XI is planning to celebrate Starlight by going all out as it does every year, and that means there are lots of...
Sometimes the game hates you trying to understand it.

Final Fantasy XI previews its December version update without any Odyssey content

It says something about this particular year that it's actually comfortable and refreshing to find something being delayed just because it isn't quite polished...
So... we cool, huh? We cool?

Wisdom of Nym: Analyzing the last pre-patch Final Fantasy XIV producer’s letter

Well, it looks like we've got no actual new information on the next expansion. I'm not sure how to feel about that. I mean,...
Work on a team.

Square-Enix announces a permanent program allowing employees to work from home

Like many companies, Square-Enix had to embrace work-from-home options earlier this year to deal with lockdowns across Japan. It appears those programs were considered...

Nexon Q3 2020: Strong revenues and expectations for MapleStory and V4 growth

It turns out all Nexon had to do to see a great quarter was cancel everything you wanted to play, fire a bunch of...
Work on a team.

Final Fantasy XI: November version update, another Mog Bonanza, and new collector toys

How good are you at guessing numbers? Final Fantasy XI is starting a new Nomad Mog Bonanza on November 11th in which players have to...
Oh, right.

Wisdom of Nym: The roots of Final Fantasy XIV’s awful housing problem aren’t clear

Let's start with a simple sentiment that I think absolutely everyone can get behind. However solid the underlying mechanics for decorating houses may be,...
It continues.

Final Fantasy XI announces its November update with a newbie channel and more story

The Voracious Resurgence continues along in Final Fantasy XI, and the game's November version update will start in on the second chapter of this new...
They're big, you see.

Final Fantasy XI starts a new series of winter campaigns on November 11

Winter is coming in Final Fantasy XI. Wait, sorry, that's not quite right; winter is coming in the real world, and that's being reflected with the...