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Guild Wars 2 shares the simple details of gliding in central Tyria

Here's what will be necessary to start gliding in central Tyria once it's unlocked in Guild Wars 2: unlocking the start of the Mastery...
A whole new wait, no, not doing this song, never mind.

Nexon is bringing free-form flight to TERA in Korea

You all remember how Nexon is taking over publishing duties for TERA in Korea, right? It's important to remember it, because otherwise the newest...

The Daily Grind: What rules would you make for flying mounts in MMOs?

Some MMOs eschew the entire idea of flying mounts. Some have them in from day one, while others add them in at a later...

The Stream Team: Aerial taming adventures in ARK: Survival Evolved

A new bird is available in ARK: Survival Evolved, and MassivelOP's MJ means to tame one! With a buildable saddle, this Quetzalcoatlus can become...

Exploration sandbox Wander improves its flight experience

Flying and skydiving in the exploration-heavy sandbox Wander is better than ever before, as yesterday's patch packaged in several improvements to these systems. "It feels...

World of Warcraft welcomes players back to the skies

It's been a good while since World of Warcraft players have been able to fly in high-level zones, but as of today the skies...
Barfalo Wild Wings.

World of Warcraft’s 6.2.2 patch brings flying to Draenor on September 1st [Updated]

At long last, we have a definitive answer to the question of when flying will (probably) come to World of Warcraft's latest expansion: September...
This is not ambiguous. It actually seems pretty straightforward.

World of Warcraft’s patch 6.2.1 will let you betray your faction for queue times

The factional split between the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft has taken a drubbing for a while, simply because the two...

The Stream Team: Soaring Wander’s skies

The exploration-centric Wander is not all about meandering through the trees (as a tree, no less) on the ground; it's also about soaring through...
Like Aion, except... something something.

Revelation Online hits open beta today

Revelation Online is kind of a big deal if you're in its native China. It's a new MMORPG with flight, flying mounts, a beautiful...
First reference to the Firefly theme and we lose patience.

Worlds Adrift details the design of a steering wheel

Part of the very premise behind Worlds Adrift is exploring the great big sky on an airship. Sure, we've seen how you can design...
Something to (shadow) crow about.

World of Warcraft to allow flight in Draenor in a post-6.2 patch

If you had given up on flight as a lost cause in Warlords of Draenor, there's good news. World of Warcraft's developers posted a...

World of Warcraft: No flying in Draenor, perhaps forever

World of Warcraft player pilots are officially grounded for the indefinite future. Lead Designer Ion Hazzikostas said that while Blizzard was originally looking at turning...

The Daily Grind: What MMO conceits would you port into real life?

This morning's Daily Grind is a fun one straight from Kickstarter donor Wesley Hendriks. Wesley proposes we all ponder the following question: If you could choose...

MMO Mechanics: Navigating fast-travel systems

I'm delighted to resurrect the column that brought me to Massively-that-was, MMO Mechanics, for the ravenous readers of MOP. The column focused on the...

Trove takes to the skies in a new patch

What more can sandvox Trove add to its beta program? How about the power to rebel against the forces of gravity and take to...