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A look back at the MMO and gaming science topics of 2019

Since becoming MassivelyOP, our staff has worked hard to buff up our gaming science-related articles. Last year, we noted...

CNBC runs down the debate of violent video games and their effect on gamers

Yes, we're back on this again. The subject of video games, violent content, and their affect on players is arriving once more, this time...
Not riding a dinosaur.

Fun fact: Google search trends don’t tell you bupkis about MMO popularity

You know what the surest sign of an MMO's popularity is? Whether or not World of Warcraft fans are defensive about its popularity. That...

The Daily Grind: How much do you mind loading screens in MMOs?

Maybe I'm showing my old-school nature here, but loading screens don't bother me all that much. I cut my MMO teeth on games like...

MMO Business Roundup: Amazon, gaming toxicity research, Blizzard’s court victory, and why people love Mike Morhaime

Business business business! We're back for another speedy Friday afternoon roundup of some MMO and games industry business news. Amazon's next big thing We're not sure...

Computer science professor uses lessons he teaches to set a new flight record in Elite Dangerous

Many times in a sandbox game, you have to make your own fun and set your own challenges. One such challenge in Elite:...

For Science: Study suggests racial stereotyping underpins campaign to blame real-world violence on video games

Academics have found a way to make the media and politicians' spurious blame of video games for real-world violence look even worse than it...

Harvard Business Review uses EVE Online corps for a study on country of origin and company structure

When the Harvard Business Review wanted to run a study on how people's place of origin affects how they structure a company, it homed...

For Science: Another longitudinal study demonstrates no link between video games and aggression

Back in July, we covered a Stetson University paper for a study that examined over 3000 Singaporean primary and secondary school students over...

Gaming psychologist Jamie Madigan explains what ‘surprise mechanics’ actually are

We're all familiar with the "surprise mechanics" incident, the absurdist argument in defense of lootboxes from EA's VP of legal and government affairs...

For Science: A deeper look at the Proteus effect and Toronto’s game dev mental health summit

We once more have a couple of science and gaming news pieces to share, so let's bundle them up like last time and

Extra Credits examines how UI style can alter video game experiences

The UI. It's such an intrinsic part of video gaming that we very often don't pay it any attention, except for when it's awful...

The APA rejects link between video games and real-world violence

We're probably preaching to the choir with this one, but did you know that there is still no proven link between video games and...

Massively Overthinking: Morality and compelling choices in MMOs

The most recent episode of The Psychology of Video Games podcast touches on a subject we don't tackle very much: moral choices. It's...

Researcher stomps the ‘lockboxes are Kinder Eggs’ defense into paste

Most if not all of us pretty much felt the same way Dr. Daniel King, senior research assistant from the School of Psychology at...

For Science: Exploitative monetization, pathological gaming, and the Proteus effect

Our newsroom is overflowing with interesting academic papers relevant to gaming - let's round a few up, shall we? First, we've got Unfair play?...

MMORPG Seed’s devs want their AI NPCs to learn from, simulate, and fool actual players

We've been keeping an eye on MMO colony sim Seed - the SpatialOS one, not this one - for a few years...

For Science: New longitudinal study demonstrates no link between video games and aggression

It seems we have another one of these papers every few months, and each time we cover them we get comments and tweets that...

Google DeepMind is dispatching an AI to face EU StarCraft II players in the name of science

So far, I'm not afraid of the Singularity happening if the best AI can do is translate things horribly and create stumbling idiots...

New study finds connection between gambling addiction and lootbox purchases in adolescents

The research and science continues in the case of lockbox/lootbox purchasing habits and gambling addiction. The latest piece of scientific literature on the subject...