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Forsaken Legends is ‘coming back to life’ as an MMORPG, looks at SpatialOS

One small title that we’ve been following for a few years now is Forsaken Legends, a procedural sandbox that seemed to package a bunch of creative ideas while being whipped together by a very small team. However, the game got downgraded from an MMO last year and pretty much went into hiatus as the team members had to work on other projects to pay the bills.

The interesting news this month is word that the team was able to bring back on board one of its former devs and is revving back up into full development. Even more interesting is that there was mention of the game adopting SpatialOS to enable Forsaken Legends to graduate back into the realm of a persistent world MMO.

“We’re going to be able to go back to our original game ideas we had for Forsaken Legends,” the team said. “And as long as everything pans out, we’re going to be able to have that massive, endless, persistent world, procedurally generated with tons of content.”

To generate revenue and try out techniques to use in the MMO, the team is first creating a simpler zombie survival game as a “test bed.”

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Forsaken Legends is not dead, but it is downsizing from an MMORPG

It has been a very long time since we have heard anything out of the indie team behind Forsaken Legends, an ambitious procedural sandbox that caught some attention last year. However, the project went semi-dark in 2017 and we started to wonder what had happened to it.

The good news, according to a late October video: “The game is not dead. I’m not giving up on my dream.”

This comes from lead Bobby Baker, who delivers a 13-minute update on the project. He said that he had been working on another game earlier this year to help self-fund Forsaken Legends’ development. However, there have been significant obstacles, such as missing the opportunity to hire its main developer full-time and not getting enough funds from fans to go full-bore on the pre-launch.

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Whatever happened to Alganon, Ryzom, and Forsaken Legends?

Ever find yourself wondering, “Whatever happened to so-and-so? We never hear about that MMO in the news any more! Is it still running? Does it still have a loyal community? How will I find out about these things if I am too lazy to Google it?”

Well, that’s what I’m here for, gentle readers. The response back in March to the first column in this series was positive enough that it warranted a follow-up with a different trilogy of games to investigate. In today’s post, we’re going to see what’s going on (if anything) with Alganon, Ryzom, and Forsaken Legends, three titles that haven’t been in the spotlight for a while.

Have suggestions for future installments in this series? That’s what the comments are for, brah.

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Take a gander at Forsaken Legends’ art update and arena video

If you were too busy stuffing yourself with turkey this past weekend (and then sleeping it off), you might have missed the new Forsaken Legends art update. Thanks to the fact nothing ever leaves the internet, you can still see the video right here! This five-minute dev tour highlights the sandbox’s new art style while showing off the upcoming arena. When the arena launches in the next update, players will be able to test the new combat system, which moves to a more action-based system where attacks can miss or even be intercepted.

If just watching a tour isn’t enough, prelaunch supporters who want to explore the arena and its surrounding area in person can visit the forums and download this current build now. Just remember that the combat won’t be live until the next update slated for December 1st. If you didn’t back the game already but still want to, you can do so through Patreon; Patreon backers’ contributions will stack and once the total pledge amount hits one of Forsaken Legends’ pre-launch package sizes, they can get the full perks of that package.

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Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s faces, SOTA’s memorial, Hero’s Song’s AMA (September 24, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Star Citizen stole the show, first with a video showcasing its extraordinarily detailed character face tech, then rather unintentionally in a Kotaku piece that sought to investigate the game’s controversial crowdfunded development process.

Meanwhile, Fragmented continued enhancements to housing and melee combat; Gloria Victis tidied up its new dynamic events system; Worlds Adrift prepped for its fifth alpha round; Hero’s Song revealed abilities usable by the Paladin and Warrior classes and streamed an AMA on Twitch; and Edengrad offered a preview of its blocking mechanics, UI, and graphics upgrade.

We’d also like to express our condolences to the friends, guildies, and family of Shroud of the Avatar player Lacey, who passed away this week and was memorialized in-game using an in-progress system for craftable, customizable gravestones.

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week and the roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on!

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Betawatch: Eternal Crusade hits launch (September 23, 2016)

You know, it’s kind of weird to think that Eternal Crusade has actually launched. It seemed as if it would forever be in testing, but now it’s released. As for future support and further improvement, well, only time will tell. Hope springs eternal and all of that, yes? It’s not alone in the launch field either, as Heroes & Generals has also made the jump to full-on launch.

Gosh, are we done with betas? I mean, it has been a pretty quiet week otherwise, but there’s still some stuff happening.

While we’ve lost some titles to launches, the list of betas continues down below, as it always has. See something with an inaccurate status listing? Let us know about it in the comments! It’s good for us to know..

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Forsaken Legends brings you up to speed on its ‘massive’ updates

The small team at Forsaken Legends wants to bring fans up to speed on the “massive” updates that it has rolled out for the upcoming fantasy sandbox over the past few months.

New builds for the game have overhauled Forsaken Legends’ user interface, added light to the environment, snuck in ambient sounds, and given mobs permission to roam around. Builders out there should be happy to hear that the team is preparing to move the game over to voxel construction tools in the near future. Bug squashing is also a big priority for the team.

You can get up to speed with all things Forsaken Legends by watching the eight-minute video after the break!

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Make My MMO: 3001SQ’s Kickstarter, Gorgon’s patch, and Elyria’s update (June 25, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, the Chronicles of Elyria team discussed its plans for the online shop (it’ll be ready in a few more weeks and allow folks a whole month to purchase packages identical to its original Kickstarter offerings), its design bible (expect notes on the game’s bloodlines and religions soon), and other bits and bobs of production.

Online multiplayer space colonization game 3001SQ also began a two-month Kickstarter, asking just over $95,000 to fund its commercial prototype. A public tech demo is already available.


Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week and the roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on!

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Procedural sandbox Forsaken Legends sells prelaunch access

It’s the weekend and you deserve a treat. How about word of a new fantasy MMORPG that you could play right now, albeit in an early form?

The game of the hour is Forsaken Legends, a procedural sandbox that a three-man team has been developing since October of last year. What makes this title special? According to the devs: “Simply put, the Forsaken Legends world lives, breathes, and changes. Players can literally shape the world around them by completing quests, which remove problem monsters from the area, harvesting and selling resources to towns, and much, much more!” In a change from most sandboxes announced these days, PvP won’t be everywhere but instead confined to certain areas.

The team reports that most of Forsaken Legends’ core game systems are in place, including combat and world generation, but there is a lot to do in other areas, such as art. While development has been self-funded to this point, now the devs are looking to sell access to the prelaunch title to help raise money. By purchasing a package, which can be obtained as low as $29, players can have unlimited access up until launch, after which the game will switch to monthly time cards.

You can get a feel for Forsaken Legends in the overview video below!

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