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The Daily Grind: Are starter bundles a bad thing for free-to-play MMOs?

The other day, I was talking with a friend who raised an interesting point that's still sticking in my head. She was talking about...
Slightly higher than zero.

Population Zero plans a new playtest to go live on December 23

Good news, Population Zero fans, a new playtest is coming! More specifically, it's coming on December 23rd. And that's all the details we have at...

Eternal Magic’s closed beta starts on July 17

Ladies, this one is (apparently) for you. Eternal Magic is entering closed beta on July 17th, and all you need to do to take...

Bless Online is replacing Founder’s Packs with new launch DLC packs

The official launch of Bless Online is a week away, and Neowiz has announced it is going to be replacing the game's Founder's Packs...
How does this need to be said.

Worlds Adrift has made more founders packs available

You have to pay a toll to get into Worlds Adrift right now, but recently you haven't even been able to do that. By...
Pay more, wear less?

PSA: Today is your last chance to buy a Kritika Online founder’s pack

Been on the fence about buying in to Kritika Online? It's time to make a decision now, because the game's founder's packs are going...

Albion Online winds down beta, prepares for launch

With 250,000 backers supporting it and a team of 50 working on it, Albion Online is just about ready for its prime time debut....
You can't come in.

Worlds Adrift offers an update on the next batch of Founder’s Packs

There's a strange allure to something you want but can't have. There's testing available right now in Worlds Adrift, and the developers are happily...
Daunting with myself, oh oh.

Dauntless reveals the details of its Founder’s Packs

Admit it, you knew that Dauntless would have Founder's Packs. That's just the nature of the beast these days, even in a game all...
Why do you have the Dreamworks Faces.

Paladins is simplifying its founder’s packs on January 12th

Are you confused by the Paladins Founder's Packs for sale right now? "No," you answer, "they're quite straightforward; you've got the entry-level tier available,...

Gigantic introduces founders packs for semi-open beta

Gigantic's beta doors swing open today -- but not quite all the way open. Anyone with Windows 10 or an Xbox One can slip...

Twin Saga kicks off its founder’s beta test

Good news for those who just can't wait to try out Twin Saga: Aeria Games announced that the founder's beta has started up as of...
Springlike, sort of?

Landmark announces a June 10th launch date

It's a little later in the "spring" than expected, depending on how strictly you adhere to the season or the solstice, but it's finally...

Riders of Icarus starts selling founder’s packs and releases gameplay trailer

Planning ahead for those hot summer months? Why not schedule a vacation in the sky, complete with dragons, aerial combat, and all the free-to-play...

Paragon’s newly available founders packs include a hard copy

If you've been waiting to grab yourself a founders pack for the upcoming MOBA Paragon, they are now on sale. Those who purchase packs...
Down the only road we now know, apparently.

Paragon’s early access starts on March 18 with Founder’s packs

There have been plenty of tidbits coming out about Paragon lately, but you won't have to rely upon tidbits to get a sense of...

Ghost in the Shell Online starts early access next week

The future is coming to you a little sooner than expected. Ghost in the Shell Online, the shooter based on the cybernetic police squad...

Albion Online’s PvP zones and flagging explained

As Albion Online's development has progressed, Sandbox Interactive has utilized player feedback to refine the PvP system, acknowledging that for all the hardcore PvPers...
The road is through those guys, so...

Albion starts closed beta next week

Cross-platform fantasy PvP MMO Albion Online starts closed beta next week. Sandbox Interactive has posted the start times, which are dependent on what sort of...
Of course the official art appears to be a woman in the middle of changing. Into a demon.

Devilian begins alpha testing for Obsidian founders

If you've been eagerly awaiting your chance to get your hands on Devilian even in just a test stage, your wait is over. At...