Overwatch 2 outlines upcoming character balancing, promises more ways to acquire popular skins

Season 7 is well and truly underway in Overwatch 2, which means that the developers are taking a look at player feedback and metrics...

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost returns for the Halloween season, is met with general player dissatisfaction

The masks are on, the weapons are loaded, and the Halloween season is now online for Destiny 2: It's time for the annual Festival...

Destiny 2 teases next week’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event

Regular players of Destiny 2 are likely familiar with the Festival of the Lost, the looter shooter's annual Halloween celebration. so word of its...

Redfall reawakens with a new patch that improves stability, combat, enemy spawns, and gamepad control

The post-launch life of the multiplayer FPS Redfall has been one marred by an icy reception from critics and gamers, reports of a chaotic...

Destiny 2 outlines upcoming changes to exotic focusing costs, weapons, and armor

This week's Destiny 2 newsletter is mostly for the PvPers again, as the vast majority of its digital ink is spent on mid-season updates...

Overwatch 2 Season 7 adds a Diablo-themed Halloween event, reworks Sombra, and tweaks Route 66 map

We already knew that more information about Season 7 in Overwatch 2 was on the way from Blizzard, and now we have the full...

Sega’s cancelled PvPvE shooter Hyenas was reportedly a doomed project from the very start

Have you heard about Hyenas? It's OK if you didn't, as this PvPvE shooter from developer Creative Assembly and publisher Sega had a pretty...

Overwatch 2 hints at a spook-filled Season 7 release with a teaser trailer

While Overwatch 2 might have already confirmed that a new control map is coming to Season 7, there was already going to be more...

Destiny 2 adds new weapons, details Checkmate mode updates, and confirms Season 23 gunsmith tweaks

The end of the week always means a newsletter from Destiny 2, and this edition of the post features another round of updates for...

The Stream Team: Reliving Destiny 2’s past through timeline reflections

MOP's Chris has been playing Destiny 2 for a while, but he also does have some gaps in the story. He also recalls at...

Projekt Z Beyond Order is a co-op FPS where players get to kill Nazi zombies

There's something about FPS games and an alt-history WWII where the Nazis muck around with the undead that just seems to go hand-in-hand. We...
Call of Boredom.

Diablo’s Inaris and Lillith are among the guest characters being sold in Call of Duty Season 6

The current iterations of Call of Duty are apparently going to be absolutely awash in things when Season 6 arrives to Modern Warfare II...

Destiny 2 shows off the new supers coming in The Final Shape and keeps fighting crafted weapon glitches

Every expansion of Destiny 2 brings new supers to the game's three classes, but since there won't be any new element in The Final...

Co-op multiplayer heist-’em-up FPS Payday 3 releases today

The digital streets of New York City are facing a special kind of crime wave as the heisting supercriminals of the Payday Gang are...

Destiny 2 wrestles with overpowered crafted weapons and DDoS attacks

The Guardians of Destiny 2 are generally written as powerful space wizards who wield magical abilities and unique firearms to take down galactic threats,...

Destiny 2 announces plans to completely remove legendary shards currency from the game

Legendary shards are one of those currencies that Destiny 2 players can either have too much of or not enough of, and that can...
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Overwatch 2 promises regional rollout of moderation features, naming crackdowns, and text chat tweaks

The Defense Matrix posts out of Overwatch 2 are primarily focused on " the cheating, disruptive chat, and griefing issues that negatively impact many...
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Overwatch 2 outlines quality-of-life features and adjustments for competitive players

Now that Overwatch 2 has arguably thrown the PvE monkey off of its back, the devs behind the shooter can get back to focusing...

Destiny 2 opens threads for PvPer input, tests new PvP modes, and promises PvP playlist restructuring

PvP players in Destiny 2 are very often the sort to have opinions, so in order for Bungie to leverage that input without exposing...

Destiny 2 outlines new missions and features designed to help new and returning players

As Destiny 2 moves towards its Final Shape expansion, it becomes even more apparent that there are a lot of vague narrative details that...