SoulWorker update introduces the new and challenging Primal Raid

A brand-new challenge awaits players of Gameforge's anime-action MMO SoulWorker, as its latest update introduced the new Primal Raid. Billed in the official press...
A straight line.

NCSoft announces Lineage II Classic server coming October 3rd

Old-school MMO fans might want to pack their bags because next month, NCSoft is gonna take everyone on a nostalgia trip back to the...

Broke Protocol is currently free on Steam to celebrate its first birthday

Remember Broke Protocol, the funky sandbox that's basically a mash-up of Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, with voxel graphics bolstering cops-and-robbers gameplay? It's apparently...

Lazarus sponsors a free weekend in order to break its game

What's the fastest way to ruin your house? Throw a free party to people with no inhibitions, of course. So what's the fastest way...

Darkfall: Rise of Agon pushes out market system patch

If the economy is the lifeblood of an MMORPG, then Darkfall: Rise of Agon predicts a healthy prognosis with its new market system patch. The...

Earn gobs of free Hearthstone packs for Witchwood expansion

Even if your knees are too weak to think about venturing into Hearthstone's upcoming Witchwood expansion, you might want to venture out of your...

Ready, set, punch: Hyper Universe is live today!

Ready for a different way to MOBA? Nexon's Hyper Universe officially launches today, bringing the action to a 2-D setting with several "inspired" champions...

PSA: Grab sci-fi squad game Red Solstice for free

How about a completely free multiplayer game to brighten up your Tuesday? Humble Bundle has you covered. The games deal site is running a free...

Get two free mechs just for playing a MechWarrior Online match today

If you want to expand your arsenal of mechs to use in MechWarrior Online, be sure to log in and play a match today,...
Freedom, sort of.

StarCraft: Brood War is now available for free as a Blizzard Classic

The year was 1998. Bill Clinton was the president of the United States of America. Everyone spent an enormous amount of time and money...
Free dome.

Neverwinter Nights Diamond is free for the next 48 hours

Look, let's make this very easy: Click along to and go download Neverwinter Nights Diamond right now unless you're reading this on December...

Twitch-centric Streamline is free on Steam for the next 24 hours

Remember back at the turn of October, when Amazon Game Studios and Twitch announced the Twitch Prime mélange and promised everyone tons of free...

EverQuesting: Researching for your free EverQuest II skill upgrades

Who doesn't like free? Because I certainly do! And today is all about getting stuff for free in EverQuest II. Sadly, I don't mean...

Massively OP’s guide to MMO business models

Not too long ago, there was all but one way that you would pay for an MMO, and that was as a monthly subscription....

Rumor: Diablo III may go free-to-play with next expansion

The writers over at Blizzard Watch have unearthed information that may point to plans for Diablo III to go free-to-play on PC. Earlier this week, the normal option to buy the...

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for EVE Online players

Most of my friends know that I'm into EVE Online and yet they still tell me I'm notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. EVE...

Marvel Heroics: How to get the most for free in Marvel Heroes

One of the questions that I received after my debut Marvel Heroes column was, "Can you explain how to play this game for free?"...

Choose My Adventure: Path of Marvel

In last week's Choose My Adventure, we learned a few magic spells and set off to conquer a tiny portion of Diablo III's hellish...

RIFT gives away free anniversary loots

So, funny story. Remember the other day when RIFT embedded a handful of limited-use codes in its anniversary graphic? Well good news, Ascended: Three...

Star Citizen is letting everyone fly for free this week

Fellow players, the galaxy is your oyster this week, for Star Citizen is allowing anyone to test drive one of its ships in the...