fresh start

It's fine. This is fine.

New World’s Australian Sutekh server is no longer a fresh start world because of small population size

When New World announced the rollout of fresh start servers last October, it did so with the plan of making them separate from regular...

ArcheAge Unchained is launching a NA and EU fresh start server on February 9

Stop me if you've heard this one: ArcheAge is preparing another fresh start server! OK, technically it's ArcheAge Unchained this time, and technically it's...

ArcheAge has opened yet another fresh start server as of today

Yet another round of fresh start server play is live for Kakao's western version of ArcheAge as of today. "For those looking to start...

This past weekend saw New World hit its highest player concurrency all year

Last week, as we saw New World's concurrency creeping up and up and up, we suspected that it would not only blow past the...

New World’s fresh start servers are about to officially begin their launch rollout

If you've been holding out to return to New World for a fresh start, then today is your day, as (some of the) fresh...

Funcom previews Anarchy Online’s fresh start server on latest stream

It's called "Rubi-Ka 2019." That's the official designation of Anarchy Online's fresh start server coming our way in the near future. The announcement of...

ArcheAge is rolling out the next phase of its fresh-start servers with Reign: Part 1 on July 18

Trion Worlds has announced that the next phase of ArcheAge's fresh-start progression servers will soon begin, boosting the level cap to 55 and unlocking...
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The Daily Grind: Have you ever tried to start fresh in a familiar MMO?

I have, on three occasions, tried to start Final Fantasy XI completely fresh. Ironically, this time it's working out very well; the past two...
Just reboot all along.

Revelation Online is opening a new EU fresh start server today as First Contact launches

Gosh, isn't it nice to have a fresh server to start on? No old connections, no old animosities, no problems to worry about. It's...

ArcheAge says new fresh start servers coming later in 2018

Now that all of ArcheAge's fresh start realms have been converted to legacy servers, the community is burning with the question of when --...

Lost Continent: ArcheAge Revelation’s fresh start servers aren’t doing newbies any favors

It’s been over a month now since ArcheAge’s massive update 3.0 went live, adding oodles of new content to Trion’s expansive fantasy sandbox. The...

ArcheAge Q&A covers fresh start servers and its future roadmap

ArcheAge players have no shortage of questions about the game these days, particularly post-Revelation. To answer some of these, Trion Worlds took to the...

EVE Evolved: It’s never too late to start playing EVE

Any time an in-depth discussion pops up about EVE Online, it's never long before someone pipes up with the complaint that new players just...