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Elite Dangerous is working on a list of Fleet Carrier bugs – including the blonde hair bug

The launch of the Fleet Carriers update to Elite: Dangerous hasn't exactly gone off without a hitch, as a number of players...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 275: What truly matters

Justin, MJ, and Bree talk Black Lives Matter, Path of Exile, Elite Dangerous, FFXIV Fanfest, with adventures in ESO, WoW, Astroneer, LOTRO, Subnautica, SWG Legends, and mailbag topics on redesigning mages and what WoW did right.
Destined even further.

Destiny 2 announces three expansions, including Beyond Light, and launches Season of Arrivals

Bungie ran a whopper of a Destiny 2 reveal stream today, announcing literally all the things. OK, just four or so of the...

Elite Dangerous’ Fleet Carriers update is live today on PC and console

It didn't quite make its original launch time this morning, but it is nevertheless patch day for Frontier's Elite Dangerous, as the...

One Shots: Do you have a few moments to talk about Jediism?

Here's a player housing pro-tip that is useful when striking up a settlement in a risky location: Make a door. A big door. A...

Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion won’t include base building or VR compatibility at launch

Earlier this week, Frontier summoned cheers with the announcement that next year's Elite Dangerous expansion is called Odyssey and will indeed include...

Elite Dangerous begins its ‘next era’ Odyssey next year – yes, it’s the space legs expansion

Today's Elite Dangerous expansion announcement isn't going to come as a surprise to long-time players, who already knew that Frontier was working on...

Choose My Adventure: Star Trek Online and my hunger for a space MMO

My installation of Star Citizen isn't working right, and Elite Dangerous has some neat things going on but not the right kind...
Physical ships remain a hopeful future.

David Braben of Elite: Dangerous sees physical games going away in two to three years

Attention, everyone who ordered a physical copy of a video game within the past year: David Braben is coming for your physical games with...

Elite Dangerous plans Fleet Carriers launch for June 9, with bug fixes and mining balances along the way

Elite Dangerous' Fleet Carriers may have been delayed from last year, but the update is on track now: Frontier formalized a June 9th...

Elite: Dangerous’ second fleet carriers beta begins today – here are the patch notes

The next round of beta for fleet carriers in Elite: Dangerous is fast approaching, and with it comes a number of confirmed changes...
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Elite Dangerous outlines more changes to fleet carriers coming in next week’s test

Elite Dangerous' second round of Fleet Carriers beta is raring to go next week. You know this because you read MassivelyOP. But...

Elite: Dangerous’ second round of Fleet Carriers beta starts on May 11 for all platforms

Ready to pilot the Good Ship Eternally in Debt? Or at least test out if that ship name is appropriate? Then your chance is...

Elite Dangerous is delaying its Next Era content into 2021

Still having fun in the fleet carriers beta for Elite Dangerous? Well, get comfy, because while that's already suffered one delay and...

Elite: Dangerous’ next round of fleet carrier beta testing will carry over data from current player accounts

It's time to start saving those credits, Commanders. The next round of beta testing for Elite: Dangerous fleet carriers is coming soon, and...

Take a fresh tour of Population Zero’s planet Kepler and biomes

Leaving planet Earth right now doesn't seem like such a bad idea, although life on Kepler might be even tougher. This is the location...

Elite Dangerous is seriously reducing the cost of fleet carriers following beta feedback

Elite Dangerous' fleet carriers beta has been up barely a week, but already Frontier is walking back some of the changes. Last week, players...

Easter dawns in Warframe, Dauntless, ArcheAge, Elite Dangerous, RIFT, Hackmud, DAoC, and WoW

Just because you're homebound doesn't mean you can't stretch your legs in virtual worlds and enjoy your favorite Easter activities! We've got a...

Check out Population Zero’s new combat video – and pick up a key for this weekend’s beta

Population Zero is dropping two fun things today for watchers of the MMO survival sandbox: a dev blog all about combat, including a...
Physical ships remain a hopeful future.

Elite Dangerous fully reveals Fleet Carriers, launching in June

Elite Dangerous is finally getting closer to the fleet carriers content that was originally meant to launch last year, with the reveal of...