Hawaii-centered Fractured Veil pitches in with disaster relief following last week’s wildfires

The terrible wildfires that ravaged populated sections of Hawaii's Maui island and killed around a hundred people last week continues to draw global attention....

‘We do not serve Activision Blizzard’: Furious WoW players stage protest against Blizzard

Following yesterday's revelation that the state of California is suing Activision-Blizzard in a 29-page complaint that alleges a serious pattern of sexual harassment and...
Oh, wow, maps. What an amazingly new concept.

Shroud of the Avatar’s R46, free trial, community map, and $52K telethon haul

Shroud of the Avatar is full-speed ahead, looking on to R46 with R45 in the rear-view mirror. What's in R46? Lots of stuff, starting...
Looks less spiteful than advertised.

Shroud of the Avatar prepares for its final wipe and another telethon

The last data wipe for Shroud of the Avatar is coming very soon. On July 27th, the final wipe will take place, new player-owned...

Richard Garriott and Starr Long are literally selling their blood for Shroud of the Avatar

Remember last year back when Richard Garriott raffled off his rat tail to raise money for Shroud of the Avatar? Yeah, good times. Now...
Can't get there from here.

Shroud of the Avatar fans plan Baltimore SOTA con for November

Shroud of the Avatar players are attempting to put together a SOTA convention this fall. Spearheaded by player Violation Clauth, the first annual event...

Crowfund: Crowfall easily passes its fundrasing goal

Call it Crowfund. In only a few short days, Crowfall has passed its $800,000 crowdfunding goal -- and there looks to be no end...

The Stomping Land creator apparently abandons project

Friends, it pains me to say this, especially when dinosaurs are involved, but it might be time to give up hope on The Stomping...