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War Thunder’s CEO answered a ton of questions at Gamescom

Earlier this month at Gamescom, Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev fielded a ton of questions from War Thunder players. The firm published excerpts from the...

Post-apocalyptic vehicular MMO Crossout gets a gameplay trailer

Here's a little something I missed from Gamescom. Gaijin's post-apocalyptic vehicular battler called Crossout got a four-and-a-half minute gameplay trailer. It shows off what...

War Thunder is ‘within a hair’s breadth’ of a complete destructibility system

War Thunder players will soon be able to destroy the game's ground environment, according to a new Gaijin dev blog. Previously the ability to...

British tanks are coming to War Thunder

Did you know that War Thunder is a flight sim with tanks? You probably did, because you're pretty smart. Did you know that British...

War Thunder exec fired after pressuring YouTuber to sign contract

A heated exchange between one avid War Thunder YouTuber and the game's producer has seemingly resulted in the producer losing his job for overreaching...

Crossout is some sort of post-apoc vehicular MMO from Gaijin

Have you heard of Crossout? Me neither. Well, actually of course I've heard of it now, but I hadn't heard of it prior to...

War Thunder offers 11-part video tutorial series

War Thunder's combined arms approach to virtual warfare may be a little overwhelming for new players. But fortunately there's an 11-part video boot camp...

World of Tanks, SWTOR rocketed up the Raptr chart in May

Raptr's most-played games list is out for this past May, and it looks that both World of Tanks and Star Wars: The Old Republic...

Players can now give battlefield orders in War Thunder

War Thunder is empowering players to take the role of a battlefield commander... for a price, that is. Today's Cold Steel update introduces an...

War Thunder update celebrates Victory Day’s 70th anniversary

As we near the 70th anniversary of World War II's Victory in Europe Day, War Thunder figured that it would be a good time...
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War Thunder’s ‘Big Guns’ patch adds IL-2, B-29, and more

Gaijin announced a "major update" for War Thunder this week. The 1.47 Big Guns patch adds the game's largest tank (the Pz.Kpfw.VIII Maus) and...